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Thread: Morgan Eli?

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    Morgan Eli?

    Hey, I'm hoping for some opinions on Morgan Eli. I really liked it when we first came up with it, but now I'm just not sure. I'm not sure what I think is wrong with it either! I guess just some feedback would be appreciated 😊

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    Morgan is nice, and it works well with Eli, though for the sake of flow, I think Eli Morgan sounds better.

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    Morgan is all girl to me even though I know technically it is a boy name! It feels much more girl than other unisex names like Taylor or Riley at least in my opinion. Of course if it being more popular for girls than boys doesn't both you than Morgan Eli does sound nice! I also like Logan Eli
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    I think it's great!

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    I think it's a great combo! if it's not sounding quite right to you what about Morgan Elliot or Morgan Elias to lengthen out Eli? Or what about a name that sounds similar to Morgan like Logan, Nolan, Dorian, Corbin? For what it's worth I have Morgan Daniel on my list
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