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  • Archer

    19 48.72%
  • Callum

    9 23.08%
  • Lewis

    11 28.21%
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    POLL: Archer, Callum, Lewis

    Last name is Conley

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    I adore Archer and Callum. I prefer the sound of Archer Conley over Callum Conley.

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    I really like all three of those names.

    Without taking you last name into consideration I'd rank them: Callum, Lewis and then Archer because as much as I like it, I feel it is going to be date stamped.
    With you last name I like Lewis the best. Callum might get shortened to Cal and Cal Conley is a mouthful.
    Lewis Conley sounds distinguished and Lew Conley feels the same.

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    All three are nice, I voted for Callum. Though the last name also starts with a C, Callum Conley sounds nice to me, and not too matchy.
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