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    First Baby boy coming in February

    Baby boy due in February and we want to make sure we consider all aspects when picking a name. Dont want to choose a name with possible nicknames that will haunt him later in life, initials shouldn't spell anything obscene, and has to roll off your tongue when paired with middle and last name. Does anyone have any rules that we haven't thought of? Don't want him to count the days til he turns 18 so he can legally change it.

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    No extremely bad possible associations (by extremely bad I mean potentially offensive, or genital or poo related...examples are Cohen, Messiah, Hyman, Melena)

    Do you mind sharing your list? We're all about constructive criticism around here. Please vote
    My little boy blue Indigo Robert
    If we had a girl tomorrow Majorelle Anne

    Will these debut in 2016? Senara, Cadenza, Madrigal, Nephele, Catalene, Oberyn
    Favorite names missing from NB
    Evolet, Kavita, Azelie, Maiwenn, Aleria, Lusine, Eirlys, Kestrel, Revel (boy), Escher

    Most Obscure Guilty Pleasures
    Ismeria, Esmerine, Caesura, Perenna, Violane, Aderet, Salona

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    •Initials not spelling anything unpleasant
    •deciding what the first initials will be, will he share initials with any family members, do we want to avoid reusing first initials that mom and dad or other siblings have
    •the ending of the first doesn't run into the beginning of the last name and doesn't rhyme with any of the last name, same does for that with the middle and the middle with the last.
    •the name sounds good out loud in full, just first and last and just first
    •you specifically can clearly say and pronounce without issue
    •any young siblings can't turn this name into a bad word... My kids always had trouble with the word fish and bit for example. So my child walking around saying not one little bit gets quite an angry look from the older folks.
    •this name has no bad associations? Don't name him adolf or lucifer or murdery mcmurder pants and likely you're ok there
    •google the name- not a serial killer? Good... Is seven different doctors... Might want to throw another middle name in there to make it less common
    •meet some moms, like go to a park and listen to moms call out their kids or post on facebook asking what people thinks the top three boys names are right now without looking up statistics... If everyone says the name you picked it's common.., he will go to school with two in how class and so on
    •if it's unisex be sure it isn't hyper common and especially not super dominantly a girls name. You don't want him growing up in a sea of female Haley's... Honestly how interesting to marry someone with the same first name as you... Does happen... Anyway there are lots of unisex names and gender isn't crazy important but I grew up with like 2-3 Cary's in every class in they were boys and girls and all various spellings and always getting confused and mixed up who was who
    •are you a certain religion or race that you'll want to be sure the name fits with as well as the culture you live in
    •is it a crazy word and your child will not be able to live it down. We aren't talking fox mulder here because that's awesome, I mean like pilot inspektor... That's tough...
    •how much explanation does the name need, do people need correcting? No? Then no worries, you're fine.

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