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    Re: The last baby girl you met was named...

    Again, my mailbox is flooded in birth announcements, and all but three of them are for girls! My town is so small, everyone know's eachother's business, and people send birth announcements to the whole town. :lol:
    I got an announcement for a little Christina Faye, who lives on my street, but there's some gossip going around that she has some sort of birth difect (sp?)? :cry: But, according to the gossip, her nn is Tina, which I think is sweet. She has a big sister Molly, who's bossy but pretty.
    Also my ex-husband's coworker had a little girl last week, Sadie Rose, and she's so beautiful! She's got hazel eyes (they are SO cool) and tufts of black hair, the pretty little thing.
    Also my son's kindergarten teacher had a little Cassandra Renee. She's pretty, too, with a tiny bit of blonde fuzz on her head and big blue eyes. Her nn is Cassie.
    Also a little Ashton Grace entered the world not long ago. Not crazy about her name, but I'm not gonna rat on her mother about it.
    Mother of the 6-year-old finger-painter, Benjamin Henry (and proud of it, too)

    Also proud to be the mother of blue-eyed twins, Amelia Joy and Athena Maya, born Thursday, August 4, 2011.

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