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    Re: The last baby girl you met was named...

    Sophia here too!
    Another friend recently had a baby called Joanna- that's one you don't hear much nowadays!

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    Re: The last baby girl you met was named...

    Quote Originally Posted by rosethea
    Quote Originally Posted by lilibet
    Where are all the baby Sophias? I see Emmas and Isabellas, but no Sophias?
    The last baby I met was named Sophia. Page 3 :)

    I also know a Sophia (Sofia?) aged somewhere from 10-11, and a Sophie aged 11-13. But all in all it's not an epidemic...

    Ok, this has nothing to do with Sophia, but I was just wondering about the name Honor. It's not even on the top 1000 yet despite everyone predicting that it would rise so fast....
    I don't know any baby Honors, but I DO know a ten year old one (brother: Walker) and a 12-13 year old one (I think her MN might actually be Marie, like Jessica Alba's baby). Isn't that strange?
    I don't know about Honor ... I know one (it's always struck me as odd that she is British, but they used the American spelling of honor, rather than honour). Neither spelling appears in the British top 100, either - I really thought it was more popular than it is. Perhaps it just feels popular, with all of the little Hollys and Hannahs running around.

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    Re: The last baby girl you met was named...

    freya // reader // writer // actress

    ϟ boys: james, kieran, arthur, jasper, eamon, graham
    ✿ girls: maeve, nuala, thea, luna, lenora, rosalind, charlotte
    ♡ current faves: james arthur & kieran joel & maeve mary brigid

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    Re: The last baby girl you met was named...

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    Re: The last baby girl you met was named...

    Shy-Lee, baby sister of Jack, Sam, and Jonathan. (Jonathan is in my daugher's grade one class)
    Meirav-Ya'el, sister of Nava Aphra and Liat Dodi. (Family friends)

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