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    Help Me FINALLY Change My Name

    My current name is Faith Morgan ******. I'm hoping on changing my MN Morgan to my last. (unless there are any objections, comment if so) and trying to find a middle name that would suit me. I want it special and I have a bit of a thing for wimsycal names, fantasy-ish or Mystical-like or just bad-ass. Lol. Phoenix, Elvira and Reverie are a few I have very much considered.

    Feel free to throw in Surnames if you feel that Faith Morgan is a bad combo (though I am pretty settled on it and have gotten good responses to the name). One of the surnames I've considered for myself was Devereaux. So there's a feel for what I am into.

    Faith Reverie Morgan is my top choice right now, I posted a poll and it isn't doing as well as I'd like for a MN and to be honest isn't name I really Love, I jut thought the meaning summed up a lot of my character and that it sounded pretty, but doesn't seem to with Morgan.

    I'm starting a new life and leaving a bad one behind, and want to re-enter the world with a great name to start it off.
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    I think Faith Morgan sounds like a strong and down-to-earth name, and Faith Reverie Morgan flows well. Reverie definitely makes it feel more mystical, especially paired with Faith. It leans a tad toward fictional character territory, but not in an unusable way, especially if it has meaning for you.

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    I love Faith Reverie Morgan. I say go for it!
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    I like Faith Reverie Morgan.

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