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    A great baby naming style quiz!

    Yes, I know there are oodles of them out there, but this one (from OK Cupid) is the best. My result (Exotic Traditional) totally nailed me (especially with the result it said is my polar opposite--Tryndee; I hate trendy names.)

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    I got...


    You scored 49 popularity, 38 history, 36 creativity, and 74 texture!

    You like uncommon, fresh-sounding names that still aren't too weird and have a foot firmly on the ground. Using a boyish name for a girl, or a name that's been slipping into androgyny for a boy sounds a bit offbeat, but at least you're not making up a name, or mispelling it, you're just challenging gender rules. Other categories with names you might like are: Exotic Traditional, Legendary, Youneek, Biblical The naming style most unlike yours is Princes and Princesses. You likely find these names to be too sweet, foofy and sparkly. It's not likely you'll find many names to agree on with somone who has that naming style.
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    (updated 11/3/15)
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    (I'm using the soo-NEE-va pronunciation of Sunniva)

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    Exotic Traditional
    You scored 46 popularity, 60 history, 36 creativity, and 81 texture!
    my opposite is Tryndee names.

    I agree with this.
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    You scored 40 popularity, 35 history, 62 creativity, and 51 texture!

    You like uncommon, new-sounding names, that have creative flair, but still seem to have some meaning or history behind them. Maybe you like names from Mythology, or books such as Lord Of The Rings, or other unusual sources. Whatever it is, these are names of Gods and Goddesses, Heroes and Heroines, and set the bar pretty high for a kid to live up to. Of course, you have good taste, so in 20 years, smart people will still recognize the source of your child's name. Other catagories with names you might like are: Kre8tyve, New Classics, Ethnic, Androgynous, or Fantasy The naming style most unlike yours is Cute. You might be ok with the full versions of those names, but think that using a nickname on the birth certificate is inconsiderate of the needs of the adult the baby will someday become. It's not likely you'll find many names to agree on with somone who has that naming style.
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    You scored 68 popularity, 69 history, 28 creativity, and 58 texture!
    You like common, traditional names that are solid and down to earth. Some people might even call them boring, but they're fine names that have stood the test of time. In the book The Baby Name Wizard, try looking under Timeless, or Solid Citizens. Online, many of the people at like Classic names. The naming style most unlike yours is Kre8tyve. You probably think names like Jaysin and Mackeighli are horrible, and feel sorry for babies inflicted with those names, as they are doomed to years of explaining how their name is spelled. It's not likely you'll find many names to agree on with somone who has that naming style. Other catagories with names you might like are: Biblical, Old-Fashioned, Princes and Princesses, Exotic Traditional

    That's me - spot on!
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