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    Re: A great baby naming style quiz!

    Quote Originally Posted by rbyndlrsn
    I got Exotic Traditional too!

    I would be curious to see what naming style is most prevelant among the 'Berries and how much that influences the opinions on the boards.
    My guess (as is so far confirmed by people's responses) is that most Nameberries fall within the Exotic Traditional category. It seems to fit well with what I've seen in terms of the most prevalent style of suggestions on here for the last couple years!

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    Re: A great baby naming style quiz!

    Another Exotic Traditional! It fits me perfectly :)

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    Re: A great baby naming style quiz!

    I got -
    You scored 39 popularity, 37 history, 43 creativity, and 50 texture

    Which I find a little odd as I don'y like changing the spelling of names at all!!
    But my tastes are definitely toward the unusual, 'hippie' like names.

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    I got...


    You scored 49 popularity, 38 history, 36 creativity, and 74 texture!

    You like uncommon, fresh-sounding names that still aren't too weird and have a foot firmly on the ground. Using a boyish name for a girl, or a name that's been slipping into androgyny for a boy sounds a bit offbeat, but at least you're not making up a name, or mispelling it, you're just challenging gender rules. Other categories with names you might like are: Exotic Traditional, Legendary, Youneek, Biblical The naming style most unlike yours is Princes and Princesses. You likely find these names to be too sweet, foofy and sparkly. It's not likely you'll find many names to agree on with somone who has that naming style.
    (updated 9/1/17)

    ~ Catherina Violet ~ Ivy Seraphina ~

    ~ Leo Alexander ~ Nathaniel Henry ~

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    Exotic Traditional
    You scored 46 popularity, 60 history, 36 creativity, and 81 texture!
    my opposite is Tryndee names.

    I agree with this.
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    Lyra Primrose, Amelia Hyacinth, Imogen Viola/ Magnus Frey, Morgan Escher, Sebastian Lake
    the rest of my combos
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    the rest of the girls
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