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    The BEST sibset(s) you know of personally?


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    Anastashia, Elizabeth Claire, Rebecca, Siobhan.

    They all have nicknames, too-- Ana, Claire, Becca, and Vonnie.

    The best thing about that family is that Elizabeth Claire was named that with the intention of being called Claire, so that she could sign forms as "E. Claire." Her name is a pun! Love it!

    Isabella and Sylviana-- they're in their late teens, so the name 'Isabella' was nowhere near as trendy back then.

    Morganne and Victoria

    Moira, Claire, and Elijah

    EDIT POST: Isabella just told me that her sister's name is not Sylviana, it is Silvanessa. She also has a brother named Giuliano and two half-sisters named Johanna and Milena.
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    Sinead, Niamh, Maeve, Aoife and Ristéard


    Charlotte, Imogen, Elinor, Phoebe, Matilda and Tabitha. I ADORE all of these names!!
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    Wow some lovely sets. I always thought that my parents named us fairly nicely

    Dominic Francis, Rebecca Maria and Emma Victoria Margaret

    My cousins are Jennie Moana, Sally Elizabeth and Samuel Robert and I always thought they matched well (Jeni, Sally and Sam)

    Oh and there are some sibs at my daughters school who are Tyler, Cleo and Demi. Now I really don't like these names, but I think as a sibset it works well, they kept a very consistent kind of style...

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