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    Imogen Bryony is here!

    Imogen Bryony Bentley was born at 7:44 yesterday morning (May 19th). She weighs 8lbs. 3oz. and is 20.5 inches long.

    We are guessing that my due date was a little off, because she is much bigger than we originally anticipated.

    She is gorgeous though, we're not entirely sure who she resembles more yet, but she has blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes, can't wait to see what color they turn.

    Thank you all so much for helping us through this whole naming ordeal. We couldn't have done it without you!

    Oops, duty calls! :)
    Momma to Imogen, Beatrice, Leopold, and Eleanor

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    Re: Imogen Bryony is here!

    Congratulations!! Imogen Bryony is a fantastic name, and she sounds like an absolute doll! I'm so glad that you found a name that you love even more! :)

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    Re: Imogen Bryony is here!

    I'm so happy for you! She sounds gorgeous, and it sounds like she looks like an Imogen.

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    Re: Imogen Bryony is here!

    <3 the name!!! YAY!!! Go Imogen!!! Congrats and get use to the doody! I'm sorry, I meant duty. :p

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    Re: Imogen Bryony is here!

    Congratulations! Oh, how exciting! I was just sitting here in a bad mood and this news totally cheered me up! Little Imogen sounds absolutely gorgeous! And Imogen Bryony Bentley is such an AMAZING name! It's so bright and happy, reminds me of bluebirds on a spring day or something, haha. I bet she's about a trillion times cuter than her cousin Ingrid, too!
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