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    Re: Love the name Liv

    Quote Originally Posted by nasrmbai
    I love the name Liv, the problem? What about the middle names? I want to follow my familys tradition of having two to three middle names, but cannot find the names to have that perfect flow. Some middle names I am considering are:
    Mareya (Ma-ray-ah); its a family name!
    Now you see my problem? Please Help!
    I love Liv Mareya!!

    Liv Freya
    Liv Penelope
    Liv Susannah
    Liv Holly
    Liv Nicole
    Liv Michelle
    Liv Isabel
    Liv Jane
    Liv Francis Kale'a
    Liv Georgiana/Georgia
    Liv Beatrix/Beatrice Saffron
    Liv Sarah
    Liv Christine/Kristina
    Liv Katherine
    Liv Isadora
    Liv Maria
    Liv Louisa Jane
    Liv Josephine
    Liv Katrina
    Liv Kalli Saffron
    Liv Claire Kalliope

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    Post Liv flow with last name?

    Both husband & I love the name Liv.
    (grandmother Vivian, Norwegian background, and 3 syllable last name)
    however, our last name is UNDERWOOD and we are concerned that kids may make fun of her for "living underwood"
    any feedback would be great!
    Liv Charlotte

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    I like Liv too, also like Olive, do you like Olive?

    Liv Alexandra- is very pretty

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