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    SSA lists beyond the top 1,000

    Since no one else has mentioned it yet, the SSA now has a way to view names beyond the top 1,000 (down to names that were used at least five times on the respective gender). At the following URL there is a link to download a zip file that has such lists for each year going back to 1880:

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    Re: SSA lists beyond the top 1,000

    Oh my god!!!!! Why is this the first time I'm seeing this!? I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, though... it is not a very clear list, the names are all just listed (horizontally) along with sex and number... is that how it is for everyone else? Rather difficult to decipher that way. But I did find Dashiell! There were 116! Along with a handful spelled differently. Anyway though, is there a better way to look at it?
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    Re: SSA lists beyond the top 1,000

    If you right-click and choose to open it in Word or a similar program it should list itself in a better way :)
    I'd also suggest dividing each list in two, one list for boys names and one for girls. Or at least do it with the latest...

    I personally use a program called notepad++ which numbers each line (Word doesn't by default) and I can say that there are 20036 girls names given to 5 or more and only 14404 boys names. I'm not sure what that means to be honest...

    Wilhelm, Ferdinand, Diamond, Bernie and Zeppelin have the same ranking for boys!! :P

    I LOVE THIS! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! <3<3<3<3 ^^
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    Re: SSA lists beyond the top 1,000

    Ive already seen this but I have to say it is a very useful tool. Now I know that there were only 170 Andreas' and 106 Cecilys, which is pretty neat. The data is really hard to organize, some other people metioned using excel to organize it.
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    Re: SSA lists beyond the top 1,000

    There are a few of these posted. :) One of the posts - MilkKate, I think, went really in depth and combined all the names with the same sound, but different spellings and gave us a true top list of most popular names. it was cool.

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