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    Re: Packing for the Hospital

    One thing that was on the list from the hospital that I /didn't/ pack, and totally should have: lip balm. I ended up drinking waaaaaaay too much water because my lips felt so parched during labour, and it (at least added to the volume of) my eventual gigantic vomit. Vomiting is not uncommon, and to hear some people say it, is almost inevitable. But I might not have had so, so very much to give had I not been packing back so much water.

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    Re: Packing for the Hospital

    Definitely warm socks. I wore some really warm and cuddly pants while I was in labor. The pants were old, and that was a good thing. Don't ask why, just don't wear anything really nice while you are in labor. When I got to the transition stage, the nurse made me take my pants off. I didn't want to because my legs were cold. But you can't give birth with pants on.
    Hard candy is great to suck on during early labor. Or it's great to suck on ice chips. Of course you can't pack ice, but they give it to you at the hospital.
    Bring a disposable camera, so you can take pictures of the baby. Don't bring an expensive camera to the hospital.

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    Re: Packing for the Hospital

    You can be dilated and effaced quite awhile before giving birth. I was walking around at 4cm and 90% for a week before I went to the hospital to have them break my water. As for things to pack? I don't know if its TMI but you will want pads. Like the biggest ones you can find. Hmmm what else? Maybe something to do when you are bored because newborns sleep alot and you won't be feeling much like moving around.
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    Re: Packing for the Hospital

    I was so concerned about what to bring with my first baby that I way over packed!
    Stick to essentials and if you need anything else people can go get you things. (The hospital provides a lot of stuff-- including gigantic pads that are way better for postpartum than anything we can get at the store. I highly recommend using them!) :)

    For labor I recommend:


    A CD or iPod with calming/favorite music

    Camera with extra batteries

    Cell phone and charger

    Hair ties

    Labor tools : tennis ball, rice bag (I loved using mine during labor), massage oil or lotion, etc.

    An ultrasound picture (I really liked having this)

    Makeup if you want to touch up after giving birth. I know that sounds totally superfluous, but I'm definitely doing it this time since I look completely horrible in the pictures with my firstborn!

    For afterward:

    Basic toiletries (hospital will probably provide some basics if you aren't particular)

    Snacks (in case it's nighttime when you deliver)

    A bag for your Honey with a change of clothes and any meds he might need.

    1 going home outfit for you (maternity clothes)

    1 going home outfit for Baby

    Car seat

    I'm interested to see what else people have found useful!

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    Re: Packing for the Hospital

    Nipple cream, if you plan to breastfeed. Put it on before your first breastfeeding attempt if you can to prevent any cracking and bleeding; prevention is better than after-care. And also those pads to stick inside your bra so you don't leak through your shirt if your milk comes in right away.
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