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Thread: Mary Jane?

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    Re: Mary Jane?

    Yah, I definitely think of reefer...sorry. The shoe was a distant second.

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    Re: Mary Jane?

    Mary Jane makes me think of pot and shoes since you mentioned it. I wouldn't put it directly after Mary but you could use it as a second middle name. I also really like Mary Claire.
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    Re: Mary Jane?

    Wow, I'm really surprised at the response. I don't think of pot at all, I mean I would if it was said in that context, but it would never be the first thing I thought. I think of Mary Jane from Spiderman, and sort of the shoes (which I love)... mostly I just think of a really sweet, vintage girl... like from a 50s children's primer. I really love the name Mary Jane and I hope you use it.
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    Re: Mary Jane?

    definitely a lovely name but sorry to say the first thing that comes to my mind is marijuana ):

    both names are lovely... but maybe with other middle names?

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    Re: Mary Jane?

    all these pot heads writing in...
    i didn't even think of pot..
    i think of the shoe... but i think how cute the little girl looks in the shoes
    my best friend's mom is Mari Jane and i think its a great name...

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