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    Re: What do you call your grandmother/grandfather?

    My brother and I have always called both sets of grandparents by the same things, "Grandma" and "Pap". Except when we were little, we often called our paternal grandfather "Pap Pap". My younger half-brother also calls our maternal grandparents "Grandma" and "Pap". His paternal grandparents died long before he was born, so I have no clue what he would have called them.

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    Re: What do you call your grandmother/grandfather?

    Paternal: Grandmum
    Maternal: Grandma and Grandad

    My husbands are: (I listed grandmas first then grandpas)
    Paternal: Bobcia and Dziadek
    Maternal: Baba and Gigi

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    What do you call your grandmother/grandfather Unread Posts

    I regularly call my students Miss/Mister first name... I also use common "pet" names like Honey, Sweetie, Doll, Sunshine...

    What do you call your students?

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    Re: What do you call your grandmother/grandfather?

    Mine were Memaw and Pawpaw :) My son calls my parents Nana and Paw, and calls my in-laws Ninnie (which I hate cause my dad always has called boobs ninnies!) and Pop Daddy.

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    Re: What do you call your grandmother/grandfather?

    I call my maternal grandparents Mimi and Papa. They were quite young to be grandparents when I was born, so they were at a total loss about what they wanted me to call them because they thought the usual names (Grandma/Grandpa, Nan/Pop) were old sounding. I christened them myself when I was about one and a half years old. They love their names and even my friends and my boyfriend call them Mimi and Papa!

    Also, everyone in my family called my late great-grandmother Bam. I am not sure how that came about, but even her children called her that when the grandkids made it up :)
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