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    Re: What do you call your grandmother/grandfather?

    As a grandmother I chose the name that I wanted to be known by and I chose Nanny as did the other grandmother, so we have two Nannies. You will think there would be confusion with two Nannies? Not at all one is called 'Just Nanny' and the other is called Nanny + their first name.

    I don't like Grandma as it sounds a bit old. I think the nn of Nan is great and that is what the grandchildren shorten Nanny to when they grow up a bit.

    For a grandfather who likes to go fishing you could have Poppy Fish.

    Or the child could call the grandparent by their first name but I think that is a shame as there are only a few people in the world you can call Nanny or Grandma. I think they are special titles.

    The most common ones are




    If you have an European grandparent you could use the grandparent name in their language.

    Otherwise the child could give the grandparent a pet name.
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    Re: What do you call your grandmother/grandfather?

    My maternal grandparents are Memaw and Dad-Dad (creations of a 2 year old me) to my sister and I. All of our cousins call them what they originally wanted to be called, Grandmom and Grandad. They say they prefer Memaw and Dad-Dad. But they would never be called Grandma and Grandpa - they said they were too young for that.

    My paternal grandparents are Grandma Jackie and Grandpa (last name).

    I say let your kids decide what they want to call their grandparents. Because, at least in my experience, your kid will come up with a name for them anyways.

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    Re: What do you call your grandmother/grandfather?

    Bamma & Papa before I could say them right but then they were Gramma & Grampa.

    Nana & Grandpa

    It's funny though my cousin has the first great-grandkids on the Nana side and has decided that her mom is now Nana so our Nana is now Grams. At Christmas she would correct anyone that kept calling Nana "Nana" like its her choice. I mean its not a huge deal because we aren't together a lot, but it irked me pretty bad. Like just because she had kids first she changes it for everyone. Sorry for the rant. :)

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    Re: What do you call your grandmother/grandfather?

    I've heard some people call their grandmothers Gigi - I think that's a really lovely alternative to Grandma etc. (and it's a really great name in its own right).


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    Re: What do you call your grandmother/grandfather?

    My grandmother's name was Eldora nn El and we all called her GramEl. I thought it was great. One of my friends teased me about it a bit, but I think he was jealous that his grandparents didn't have a cool name like that! All my other grandparents died before I was born so I never called them anything!

    So far with my son we are using Grandma and Grandpa for DH's parent's and Grandma Peggy and Grandpa Dale for my parents because that is what they are called by the other grandkids.

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