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    Re: Narrowed down to two choices...I think

    my vote goes to Jane Sophia...gorgeous!

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    Re: Narrowed down to two choices...I think

    Quote Originally Posted by mrsryko
    Hi again,

    I've posted several times about trying to find THE name for our third baby girl. I'm due in three weeks, so DH and I really need to figure this out. People are starting to make fun of me, because I keep changing my mind. :o) However, we have two names that we love:

    Caroline Rose -- I know that Rose is becoming a "filler" middle name, but it's a family name, so that's okay with me.

    Jane Sophia -- DH has come to really like Jane, and we like the connection with his name, Jon. I also just love the name Jane, nickname Janie. Besides DH, no one is sharing my enthusiasm about Jane, so that bothers me a little.

    But, in the spirit of making sure we've considered all options, what would you name your third daughter if your other two were Eva Katherine and Tessa Corinne? Our last name is three syllables starting with Ry (pron. "rye") and ending in sky (pron. "skee").

    Thanks so much for your help! I'll be happy to have this baby named, so I can stop obsessing!

    I like Jane Sophia it sounds like a really sweet name, Eva, Tessa and Jane

    What about
    Jane Caroline
    Caroline Jane?

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    Re: Narrowed down to two choices...I think

    Thanks, Everyone! We are leaning towards Caroline Rose. I do love Jane Sophia, though -- maybe we'll keep that one for the future...


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    Re: Narrowed down to two choices...I think

    well it does seem like you name your children in names ending with a
    so if it was me...
    it would be
    Eva, Tessa, and Julia

    i love Jane though.... makes me think of Mary Jane shoes which are adorable

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    Re: Narrowed down to two choices...I think

    What about Caroline Jane? I like that the best. I love the name Jane but I think it makes a better mn.
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