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    Re: What are Your Grandfathers' Names?

    Emiel - flemish/belgian version of Emil or Emile

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    Re: What are Your Grandfathers' Names?

    My side of the family:
    Grandfather: Verble Odell Smith
    Great: Elmer Austin Smith
    Great: John "Vance" Grubb

    Grandfather: Ralph Glenn Carr
    Great: ? I really don't know much about that side of the family unfortunately.

    Husband's Side:
    Grandfather: Vernon Andrew Snowbarger
    Great Grandfather: Samuel ? Snowbarger (my husband is named after him)

    Grandfather: Robert Dow Jones (he was killed by a sniper bullet in Okinawa in WWII)
    Step - Grandfather: William Rex McLaurin

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    Re: What are Your Grandfathers' Names?

    Lowell Venice and Donald Charles (Who is my grandfather by blood but I haven't been around him too much.)

    Wilbur Thomas is who I recognize as my grandfather. We call him Tom.

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    Re: What are Your Grandfathers' Names?

    My maternal grandfather, who died when she was a child, was named William.

    My paternal grandfather was named Joseph Owen -- and my sons' names are Joseph and Owen!
    Pam Satran

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    Re: What are Your Grandfathers' Names?

    James Ursal (goes by his middle name and the only other time I've ever heard this name is his son's middle name too)
    John Burwell (just occurred to me that both grandfathers have a very common name paired with a very unusual one)



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