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    Re: What are Your Grandfathers' Names?

    Grandfathers: Stanley and Harry
    Great Grandfathers: Burford and Pasquale

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    Re: What are Your Grandfathers' Names?

    Quote Originally Posted by everwaiteing
    My grandfather, August, reportedly hated his name and would sign his name A. B. H---. When he was 87 yrs. old (and I was 14), I told him I'd name a son after him someday. (Back then, it did not occur to me that my future husband would have to agree.) As it turned out, my husband only approved a similar name (Austin) as a middle name. I think my grandfather would be so amazed to know his name August has had a come back!
    Wow, I have such a similar story with the name Elias. My paternal-grandfather's name was Elias Theodore and he went by either E.T. or Ted. If he was signing something legally important than it was E. Theodore. He was named after his maternal grandfather. Funny thing is that I'm now considering using Elias as a fn for a future son (it's also my dad's mn). My other grandfather was named Timothy.

    E.T.'s father my great-grandpa was named Oscar. I'll have to look up the others. I'm thinking one was Charles.

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    Re: What are Your Grandfathers' Names?

    maternal: Americo Felipe (philip) He was the first in his family born in America.
    maternal step: John (jack)

    Paternal: William (bud)

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    Re: What are Your Grandfathers' Names?

    I've been getting into genealogy lately - a name lovers field day!

    Grandfathers: John Regis - "Jack", Samuel - "Sam"

    Great-Grandfathers: Joseph, Francis James - "Frank", Michael/Michele - "Mike", Albano - "Al"

    Great-Great-Grandfathers: Leopold, John, Ernest, John, Giorgio, Antonio

    Great-Great-Great Grandfathers: Albert, Harrison

    I really like Giorgio, Leopold (Leo), and John (it's common, I know, but I love Johnny/Jack).
    "Don't try to be modern, it's the most old-fashioned thing there is," - Attilio, The Tiger and the Snow

    Domenico, Gianfranco, Giacomo, Antonio, Raphael, Calogero, Leopold, Angelo, Giorgio, Alban, Malachi, Dante, Mirek, Dario, Lionel, Asa, Valerio
    Katarina, Irena, Silvia, Aniela, Delfina, Raffaella, Apollonia, Cecilia, Pasqualina, Rosina, Josephine, Allegra, Romana, Alba, Bronya, Adrasteia, Vincenza, Althea, Eurydice, Regina, Mirellina, Arianell, Sonia, Talia, Cordelia, Leona/Leonie

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    Re: What are Your Grandfathers' Names?

    Jack Franklin
    Lester Lawerence

    James Franklin
    James Duane
    Johnny (don't know his middle name)

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