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    Re: What are your Grandmothers' Names?

    June and Marilyn.

    My step-grandmother's name was Jean.

    If I had a baby girl, I would probably name her Juna in honor of my Grandma June.

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    Re: What are your Grandmothers' Names?

    My mother's mother was Gerd Motzveldt. Gerd was a popular Norwegian girl's name between 1910-1925; Motzveldt is the family name. My great-grandmothers on my mother's side were Sofie-Katarine (Norwegian; her mother was Berte) and Lina Cushman (another family name).

    My father's mother was Helen, no middle name. Her mother's name was Maria Luise, called Louisa. My grandfather's mother's name was Eleanor Dow (another family name).

    Maria Luise's mother was Elisabeth; Sofie-Katarine's mother was Berte. That's as far as I know without consulting the family genealogy, which is currently in the hands of my uncle.

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    Re: What are your Grandmothers' Names?

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    Re: What are your Grandmothers' Names?

    Children are all perfectly and wonderfully made

    Names we would consider

    Elisabetta, Magdalena, Caralana, Elisende/a, Valencia, Snow

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    Re: What are your Grandmothers' Names?

    Grandmothers: Juanita and Leetha
    Great Grandmothers: Lorraine, Edna, Ulo and Olive

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