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    Re: What are your Grandmothers' Names?

    My mother's mothers (my 'Mom-Mom') given name was Margaret Catherine. She disliked the name Margaret, however, and went by her mn, Catherine.

    My father's mothers ('Grandma/Grannah') name is an interesting story...Her parents gave her the name Hannah Jean.
    They were of strict Catholic faith at the time, however, & the Church would not allow them to keep this name for her as it was not a saint's name. They changed it to Ann. I always think she preferred Hannah to Ann, though...
    (I know I do!!)

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    Re: What are your Grandmothers' Names?

    Grandmothers are June and Dorothy
    Great-Grandmothers were Ingrid and Violet

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    Re: What are your Grandmothers' Names?

    Alice Irene
    Edith Katherine

    And my great-grandmothers were Lela and Bessie.
    Proud mama of Evan Patrick, nicknamed Van, and Selah Bea

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    Re: What are your Grandmothers' Names?

    Mryna Louise
    Carolyn something-Her mom was Eveyln (my middle name)
    Current Favorites (no order):
    Girls- Nora Holiday, Leonora Eveline, Nora Scotland "Scottie", Charlotte Lane, Gerda Iris, Eugenia Iris
    Boys-Nicholas Tucker, Deveraux Lewis "Dev"

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    Re: What are your Grandmothers' Names?

    What a cool old thread!

    My grandmothers were Florence Marie and Evagene. Grandfathers were Floyd (went by Jack) and David Alexander. Great-grandmother was Amy.

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