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    Re: What are your Grandmothers' Names?

    Rita Yvonne (siblings Richard "Dick", Raymond, Roland "Bub", and Rochelle. All of her own children have names with D, Dick's start with C, Raymond with K, Bub with L, and Rochelle with J :roll: No grandchild have carried this on, thank goodness)
    Maria Luiza - Americanized as Marie. Actually had no idea her name wasn't Marie Louise until a year or two ago.

    Yvonne Emmanuelle
    Yvonne Rochelle
    Maude Josephine (I always felt Maude's name stuck out like a sore thumb)
    Palmira Melianna - Americanized as Pearl

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    Re: What are your Grandmothers' Names?

    Ruth Eleanor
    Margaret Jean

    Great grandmothers:
    Pearl Barbara (love Pearl.. not so much on Barbara..)
    Lilith Jean - went by Jean (Sisters were Elizabeth, Judith and Trevina.. might have had some more..)

    Boyfriends' grandmothers:
    Mary Margaret

    Kind of sad but I guess I don't know my great-great grandmothers' names. Bummer. I gotta look into those names...

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    Re: What are your Grandmothers' Names?

    Don't know if i've posted on this or not, probably have but hey i'll do it again anyways :-)

    My Grandmas are
    Lillian Estelle
    Olivia Marjorie

    My Husband's Grandmas are
    Mary Louise (goes by Louise)
    Eloise (don't know her middle name)

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    Re: What are your Grandmothers' Names?

    Loving this! I have to admit, my naming taste for girls definitely runs towards granny (and great-granny) names!

    My grandmothers are Shirlee (goes by Sue) and Geraldine Ella (I believe she went by Gerry, but she passed away long before I was born, so I'm not 100% sure).

    My husband's grandmothers are Fiona and Isobel.

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    Re: What are your Grandmothers' Names?

    Dorothy and Mary. My husband's are Belle and Louise. We plan on using Louise, I've always loved that name.

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