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    Re: What are your Grandmothers' Names?

    I actually have quite an interesting story about how my one grandma was named! Her parents were going to name her Constance Clarke, but when her grandfather (so my great-great-grandpa) came to visit her in the hospital, he said "It doesn't matter what you name her, I'm going to call her Nancy". So Nancy Ann she became! Later she changed the spelling to Nanci.
    My other gramdma is Lucie Marie. Marie is after her mother, Mary Eva. I love the combo of Mary Eva!

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    Re: What are your Grandmothers' Names?

    Grandmothers are Joan Adele who goes by Adele and Marilyn Elaine.

    Great grandmothers are Clara Jane, Betty Jean, Mary Kathleen and Eleanor Eunice.

    Husband's grandmothers are Reva Maureen and Cynthia Diane.

    His great grandmothers were Millicent Mae (Millie), Lois Irene, Eda Louise (Eda is pronounced Ed-Ah) and Rhoda Frances.

    The only ones I really like are Kathleen, Elaine and Eleanor. I strongly dislike Eunice, Rhoda and Lois. The rest are just OK.

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    Re: What are your Grandmothers' Names?

    jane frances (second daughter shares a middle name)
    mary jean
    rebecca renee. wife to lucas christian. mother to: marin elizabeth, ocean white, pearl frances and g/g twin sisters rowan bee and lennox aileen. currently expecting baby #6, whose sex will be a surprise. name hunting is underway.

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    Re: What are your Grandmothers' Names?

    Martha Ruby
    Joan (pronounced Joanne) Leigh

    Great Grandmothers:
    Jennie Belva
    Betty Beulah
    Kathern (pronounced Katherine) Amelia
    Fern Violet
    My girls: Grace Patricia "Gracie Pat" & Eloise Martha "Elsie Mae"
    If we had a baby today: Amelia Edith OR Desmond Walter
    Guys: Julian, Amos, Tobias, August, Silas, Peter
    Dolls: Iris, Marian, Hazel, Flora, Margo, Agnes

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    Re: What are your Grandmothers' Names?

    Mine are Rosalind "Roz" and Jean.
    eve & rose ♡ ezra & nathan

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