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    Re: I think we have found THE name...what are your thoughts?

    Quote Originally Posted by lemon

    I think Zenobia is pretty cool, though it does remind me of Genovia, the fictional land that is the setting for The Princess Diaries, if you're familiar with that. If you decide you don't want to go with Zenobia, I think Zinnia would be the perfect name for you - it has that quirky Z initial, it has a very similar sound to Zenobia without the connection, and it is a floral name (which you must like, considering Dahlia)! I love Zinnia and the Zinny nickname!

    As for middle names for either name, I agree with Iris that a classic is the best bet to balance an exotic, unusual name. I'm not in love with Nevis, myself, and I think Dahlia is too exotic of a flower to match with the other names - I'd choose something a bit more typical. Here are my ideas:

    Catherine - Caroline - Charlotte
    Dorothy - Diana
    Eleanor - Emmeline - Evelyn - Evangeline
    Florence - Frances - Felicity
    Gwendolyn - Genevieve - Georgia - Gwyneth
    Helen - Helena - Harriet
    Juliet - Julia - Josephine
    Lillian - Lucille - Lydia - Lenore
    Margaret - Madeline - Matilda - Marguerite - Marcheline
    Naomi - Natalie - Noelle - Natalia
    Penelope - Patience - Prudence - Patricia - Phoebe
    Rosalind - Rosemary - Ruth - Regina - Roxane
    Sarah - Simone - Sophia - Stella - Susannah
    Therese - Teresa - Tallulah - Tamsin
    Vivian - Violet - Viola - Vanessa - Victoria

    Bellamy - Blair - Brett - Brynn
    Carden - Courtney
    Ellis - Eden
    Francis - Finley
    Hollis - Harper - Hayden
    Jesse - Jordan
    Peyton - Piper - Page
    Reese - Reagan - Reilly - Remy

    So, what might I choose?

    Zenobia Catherine Piper
    Zenobia Margaret Hollis
    Zenobia Gwendolyn Reilly
    Zenobia Felicity Blair

    Zenobia Caroline Frances
    Zenobia Rosemary Simone
    Zenobia Penelope Ruth
    Zenobia Violet Evangeline

    Zinnia Harriet Francis
    Zinnia Vivian Bellamy
    Zinnia Catherine Harper
    Zinnia Genevieve Peyton

    Zinnia Gwendolyn Helena
    Zinnia Charlotte Evangeline
    Zinnia Frances Victoria
    Zinnia Madeline Gwyneth

    Good luck!

    Lemon :-)
    I totally agree with Lemon! Great suggestion of Zinnia! I actually know a little Zinnia at the school I work at (she isn't on my casload ... but I always see her in class and she is an absolute doll)! Her siblings and family all call her "Zinny" for short and which I think is sweet.

    Zenobia being so exotic might be better balanced with a classic sounding name in the middle. Otherwise I think it is a great choice - especially if you already feel connected to it!

    Good luck naming and let us know what you decide! :o)

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    Re: I think we have found THE name...what are your thoughts?

    After checking on this name I found out that Zenobia was a famous Syrian queen in the 3rd century. However, Zenobia was the last part of the combo in her name. Her first name was Aurelia, ie Aurelia Zenobia. I think that Aurelia is a very pretty name and that the combo works beautifully so I would opt for that combo. I also think that Zena works well too if you are looking for a name similar to Zenobia.
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    Re: I think we have found THE name...what are your thoughts?

    I think Zenobia is a cool name, definitely unique but not so much that it will be mispronounced by everyone. I like Zinnia a lot, think it's beautiful! My first thought with Nevis as a middle name is nevus, which is the medical term for mole. Not sure if that matters but in my head is Dr Evil from Austin Powers going moley-moley-moley... Maybe I'm way off, if so, just ignore me!

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    Re: I think we have found THE name...what are your thoughts?

    Zenobia is lovely I would totally choose it over Andromeda!

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    Re: I think we have found THE name...what are your thoughts?

    Well my husband and I are pretty set on pretty as Zinnia is, we are either going with Zenobia or Andromeda...but thanks for the first name suggestions. As for middle names...Im not so much a fan of the classic overused names. Any other suggestions besides commonly suggested classical names?

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