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    I think we have found THE name...what are your thoughts?

    After list after list after list, I finally find myself addressing our baby to be by a first name when talking about her. Zenobia. My husband and I both like it alot. As for a middle name I was thinking Nevis, Zenobia being feminine, I wanted a quirky middle name. I also considered Zenobia Nevis Dahlia. Do you have any mn suggestions? Because I still have a few weeks left, I still have the name Andromeda in the back of my head...I really like it for some reason...thoughts?

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    Re: I think we have found THE name...what are your thoughts?

    I'm not sure how I feel about Nevis for a girl. I went to school with a boy and that was his first name.

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    Re: I think we have found THE name...what are your thoughts?

    I think with such an 'out there' name like Zenobia, you need a classic, 'normal' name for her to fall back on if she decides Zenobia isn't right.

    Zenobia Caroline
    Zenobia Claire
    Zenobia Margaret
    Zenobia Frances
    Zenobia Helen
    Zenobia Madeleine
    cordelia ~ jessamine ~ alice ~ louisa ~ maeve ~ julia ~ eloise ~ fiona ~ genevieve
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    Re: I think we have found THE name...what are your thoughts?

    I think it's fantastic when you find a name that "feels" right, one that you've already connected to your daughter. I think that sways the choice more than anything anyone else can say!

    I do love Zenobia, though. It's quirky, feminine, vintage-y and exotic all at once. Andromeda is wonderful as well- it has the mythological connection, as well as the astronomical one, which I think would be very special for a little girl!

    I'd say, hold onto them both, and see which one "connects" more to your daughter throughout the rest of your pregnancy. By the time you meet her in person, I think one of them will stick.

    Great names, and best of luck!

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    Re: I think we have found THE name...what are your thoughts?


    I think Zenobia is pretty cool, though it does remind me of Genovia, the fictional land that is the setting for The Princess Diaries, if you're familiar with that. If you decide you don't want to go with Zenobia, I think Zinnia would be the perfect name for you - it has that quirky Z initial, it has a very similar sound to Zenobia without the connection, and it is a floral name (which you must like, considering Dahlia)! I love Zinnia and the Zinny nickname!

    As for middle names for either name, I agree with Iris that a classic is the best bet to balance an exotic, unusual name. I'm not in love with Nevis, myself, and I think Dahlia is too exotic of a flower to match with the other names - I'd choose something a bit more typical. Here are my ideas:

    Catherine - Caroline - Charlotte
    Dorothy - Diana
    Eleanor - Emmeline - Evelyn - Evangeline
    Florence - Frances - Felicity
    Gwendolyn - Genevieve - Georgia - Gwyneth
    Helen - Helena - Harriet
    Juliet - Julia - Josephine
    Lillian - Lucille - Lydia - Lenore
    Margaret - Madeline - Matilda - Marguerite - Marcheline
    Naomi - Natalie - Noelle - Natalia
    Penelope - Patience - Prudence - Patricia - Phoebe
    Rosalind - Rosemary - Ruth - Regina - Roxane
    Sarah - Simone - Sophia - Stella - Susannah
    Therese - Teresa - Tallulah - Tamsin
    Vivian - Violet - Viola - Vanessa - Victoria

    Bellamy - Blair - Brett - Brynn
    Carden - Courtney
    Ellis - Eden
    Francis - Finley
    Hollis - Harper - Hayden
    Jesse - Jordan
    Peyton - Piper - Page
    Reese - Reagan - Reilly - Remy

    So, what might I choose?

    Zenobia Catherine Piper
    Zenobia Margaret Hollis
    Zenobia Gwendolyn Reilly
    Zenobia Felicity Blair

    Zenobia Caroline Frances
    Zenobia Rosemary Simone
    Zenobia Penelope Ruth
    Zenobia Violet Evangeline

    Zinnia Harriet Francis
    Zinnia Vivian Bellamy
    Zinnia Catherine Harper
    Zinnia Genevieve Peyton

    Zinnia Gwendolyn Helena
    Zinnia Charlotte Evangeline
    Zinnia Frances Victoria
    Zinnia Madeline Gwyneth

    Good luck!

    Lemon :-)
    "Names, once they are in common use, quickly become mere sounds, their etymology being buried, like so many of the earth's marvels, beneath the dust of habit." - Salman Rushdie

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