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    G:Kissa Lorraine (love a good, soft, girly name-what better than kisses?)
    G:Kristalline Luella (A cousin named Krystlle and a bestie named Kristen)
    G:Kirah Louisiana (I'm from the south)
    G:Kelilah Lorca (Lorca? Really, Lorca? So great.)
    B:Kerouac Llewellyn (No Country for Old Men is my favorite movie)
    B:Killian Luca (Dad name Billy Bob after an uncle William, I have an uncle Luke)
    B:Kavanaugh Langdon (A man's name on a baby boy always has a brute appeal to me)
    B:Karlo Luciano (the fact that if these octs were real their papa would be of Latin descent...)

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    ♥ Clara Dean Lucy Dominic ♡

    Feel free to ask me anything about saints names

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    Yara Zynn
    Yalena Zhane
    Yadira Zhen
    Yvonne Zarina

    Yuri Zavid
    Yale Zeru
    Yann Zachary
    Yardley Zabe

    I thought this was going to be so hard but I actually like a lot of these names.

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