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Thread: Circumcision

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    Re: Circumcision

    Quote Originally Posted by whitman
    The 3rd category, the Reformed Jews, emphasize social justice and compassion, they reject the harshness of the "old ways."
    First of all, there is no such thing as a "Reformed Jew", there are Reform Jews. And as a born and raised Reform Jew I fully and wholeheartedly object the statement that Reform Jews are moving away from tradition and Brit Milah. First of all, here in the US (I'm not sure where you're located) basically all Jews circumcise their sons, despite denomination. I know at least a dozen Reform Jewish families who had babies born in the last year (three of which I am related to) who all had Brit Milah (circumcision). The Union for Reform Judaism supports circumcision (they currently train Reform Mohels, who perform the sugery) and in fact the Reform movement does not reject the harshness of the old ways, but modifies them. Women and men pray together, women may become rabbis and women receive a covenant at birth in the form of receiving a Hebrew name. It is also of importance to note that every non-practicing Jew I know has had their sons circumcised. I do not know a single conservative baby who has not been circumcised. In fact, the Conservative movement would say that if you do not circumcise your son, he is not considered Jewish. Many Reform Rabbis would agree (there are a few Reform and Reconstructionist Rabbis who will perform a non-circumcision Brit Milah but these Rabbis are very few and far between). Finally, as the Orthodox movement is the fastest growing in both the US and Israel, there is little evidence that circumcision amongst Jews will cease. Most Jews do not consider non-practicing Jews ritually Jewish because they do not perform any Mitzvot, therefore the fact that they don't circumcise their sons means nothing since the Jewish movements would not consider them Jewish. That being said, being Jewish is largely about self-identification, which is why many non-practicing Jews continue to circumcise. During the Holocaust being circumcised was a sign of Jewishness. I have nearly two dozen cousins, about half of which are boys, at their Brit Milah my Grandfather, who was a Holocaust survivor, would always make a speech about the importance of the Mitzvah of Brit Milah and how, despite our differences, spiritual and physical, Jews have persevered. I understand the other side of the argument, but as a Jew I cannot agree with it. As a pre-medical student I've also discussed this topic with a number of doctors. It interesting to keep in mind that the rates of complications in circumcision in the US is between .2 and .3 percent. Of these complications the majority involve light bleeding or infection. The idea that many, many circumcisions are botched is a fallacy. Additionally, there are topical creams that can be applied to reduce pain related to circumcision. Many doctors also agree that local anesthetic can be used. General anesthesia is not safe for newborns and therefore would put the child at a greater risk. These are just things to also consider. I do not judge anyone based on their decision on this deeply personal topic and therefore I ask not to be judged based on my beliefs.
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    Re: Circumcision

    Oh jeeze. Whitman, I was totally with you until you said it's good news that more Jewish people are becoming Christian. I'm not Jewish and that makes me really uncomfortable, I can only imagine how offensive it will be to any Jewish people reading this.

    Other than that, it was refreshing to hear what the bible actually says about circumcision and not just "God changed his mind, isn't he allowed to change his mind? If you respect God you'll circumcise your baby it's as simple as that blah-blah-blah-I'm-a-drone nonsense". What you said actually makes sense from an historic standpoint and now I understand why Jews circumsize and Christians do not.
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    Re: Circumcision

    Did it say it's good more Jews are becoming Christian? If so I apologize. Like I said I didn't write it, and I actually only skimmed it. I just felt it was important to show that their isn't a religious reason for Christians to do it. There were a couple things in her writing I disagreed with, mostly about how she extrapolated, but she clearly knows her biblical text.

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    Re: Circumcision

    I left my son intact even though he won't match his dad. I just can't see altering something that is so personal. I'm glad my hubby was one hundred percent on board too. If men are taught basic hygine as children, there should be no increase risk of infection, etc. And one more thing on the infection front...most woman get at least one uti or yeast infection in their lifetime, it's uncomfortable, but, not the end of the world, and definitely not worth messing with something that should be so personal, or would possibly lead to a better sex life, less chance of ED, etc. as they mature.

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    Re: Circumcision

    I've said before that I understand both sides of this argument, but as for the health benefits (and maybe this has already been mentioned), if you remove any body part then, yes, you will get fewer infections there. If we removed tonsils and appendixes at birth then we'd wipe out any chance of infection in those places. And certainly if girls had their breast tissue removed at birth we would see a drop in breast cancer rates. But in all of these cases, we generally treat the problem if it arrises, we don't just remove the body part altogether.

    Not going to get into the God stuff, because I don't think She cares one way or the other (haha)
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