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    Our Baby Boy Has Arrived!

    Our little boy Crosby Charles, was born on May 12th 2010 via an unplanned VBAC. He was scheduled to be delivered tomorrow, but he had other plans. I arrived at the hospital dilated to a 9, and he was born 30 minutes later. We are so glad things turned out the way they did, and that everyone is heathy and happy.

    He was 7 lbs 1 oz and came out screaming. My husband picked his name, and it totally suits him. His big brother Easton Laurance is adjusting well to the new addition.

    Thanks for all of your help with the naming process. This was a hard one, as we knew it would be our last child. I appreciate all the help and kind words along the way.

    Best of luck to you all!!

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    Re: Our Baby Boy Has Arrived!

    Congrats! Wonderful name! Hope the entire family is doing well!
    Hannah ?

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    Re: Our Baby Boy Has Arrived!

    Congratulations he has a handsome name and Crosby goes really well with brother Easton.
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    Re: Our Baby Boy Has Arrived!

    Congratulations!!! I love his name! Crosby is SO cool! It's awesome with Easton, too! I'm glad the VBAC went well, good for you!
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    Re: Our Baby Boy Has Arrived!

    Congratulations! Really cool names :-)
    All the best to your family :-)

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