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  • emma-line

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    Emmeline not in top 1,000

    I had to throw in the poll question to know how you are reading this as you share your opinions...

    With Emmeline at the top of our list for baby girl #2, I couldn't wait to find out if it broke into the top 1,000 in 2009. With all the talk about Emmeline around here, I thought it would for sure. But nope, didn't make it. So, I just had to investigate further. On the ssa Beyond the Top 1,000 list, I found that 123 Emmeline's were born in 2009. I had to keep looking to see how it is rising:
    In 2009, there had to be 263 baby girls with any given name to make it into the top 1,000. So, yes, Emmeline made a large jump from 2007-2008-2009, but still pretty far away from the top 1,000.

    I was afraid people would start using it like crazy to avoid the popularity of Emma and Emily, neither of which I care for. I think with Emmeline's numbers staying low it confirms for me that people aren't jumping on the Emmeline train too much. I just don't want to go the trendy route.

    I pronounce it emma-line.

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    Re: Emmeline not in top 1,000

    And not that I'm trying to avoid the top 1,000 in any way- maybe just the top 100...

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    Re: Emmeline not in top 1,000

    You know, I was originally pronouncing it Emma-leen, but I think that the 'Berries have brainwashed me into Emma-line! I've never met an Emmeline in real life, though, so I wouldn't really know!

    It did surprise me a bit that Emmeline wasn't in the Top 1000. I mean, with kindergarten classrooms filled with little Emmas and Emilys, what else could we expect? However, I do think that Emmeline may rise in the future, but I don't see it reaching the Top 100 any time soon...

    As a side note, I was also shocked that Esme didn't join the list, either; it's similar to Emma, Twilight names have rised (Bella, Rosalie, Cullen, etc.), and it was in the UK Top 100 as of '08!

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