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    Mine to start with Ren (Karen). I looked at my list and a lot of the names on there would be hard to shorten or are uninteresting in short form but here are a few I found that I like.


    Ari - Arietta
    Annie - Anwen
    Emmy - Emmeline
    Eppy - Elspeth
    Florrie - Florianne
    Linny - Linnea
    Lissy - Elizabeth
    Margot - Marguerite


    Atty - Atticus
    Danny - Daniel
    Dory - Dorian
    Ned - Edmond
    Joby - Joseph Tobias
    Jory - Joseph Richard
    Mal - Malachi
    Merry - Meirion
    Nico - Niccolo
    Raff - Rafferty
    Vashka - Vasiliy
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