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    What is vintage to you?

    I'm curious to see what the name enthusiasts think a vintage name is. I've talked about it with friends before and seen it discussed on some other sites a little, and everyone seems to have a different idea on what constitutes a vintage name. Some of the names that would be brought up when I said the word vintage didn't strike me as vintage at all, like Duncan or Sophia.

    I think that a vintage name is certainly something that was popular in the distant past, but I can't think of anymore criteria than that. A couple of names that come to mind are Arthur and Lillian, both popular around the turn of the 20th century.

    So, I want to know what is an example of a vintage name and why is a name vintage, in your opinion?
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    Re: What is vintage to you?

    I say names like:

    Girls: Florence, Ethel, Ruth, Bessie, Edna,Bertha,Milderd
    Boys: Willie,Arthur,Albert,Earl,Carl,Ernest,Fred,Raymond

    Names that were in the Top 20 like 80 to 110 years ago, and hasn't be heard from sense.

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    Names that are familiar, but not popular; names that had their heyday and where in style in a different era.

    Girls: Alma, Betty, Cornelia, Constance, Dorothy, Ethel, Edith, Gertrude, Henrietta, Gloria, Greta, Ida, Judith, Loretta, Lucille, Millicent, Muriel, Nora, Prudence, Octavia, Ruth, Temperance, Vera, Sybil, Zelda, Clementine, Hermione, Pearl, Tabitha, Stella, Miriam etc.

    Boys: Amos, Archibald, Arthur, Bernard, Leonard, Howard, Donald, Edwin, Edward, Gideon, Godric, Kenneth, Percival, Reginald, Roderick, Silas, Virgil, Walter, Winston, Thomas, Emmet, Atticus, Felix, Jasper, Theodore, Sheldon, Dexter

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    I think names that were popular in the distant past (maybe minimum of 50 years ago?), but ruling out names that have been consistently popular.

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    Going by the usage of the word in dating objects, something is vintage when it's between fifty to one hundred years old. If something is over one hundred years old then it's antique For example; my nanna's gold cross (minted in the fifties) is vintage but my Edwardian pocket watch is antique.

    In terms of names I guess that would make names like Jean, Mary and Linda vintage while Edith, Edward and Adelaide would be antique.
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