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    Re: 8 week old baby - name change?

    Eva is only EE-va where I come from. Ava is pronounced totally differently

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    Re: 8 week old baby - name change?

    Eva Shalom is very pretty. There are many names around that are difficult for some people to pronounce. Most people are willing to learn to pronounce a name correctly. Once you move to your new state and introduce Eva to people, they will learn to say her name correctly. Lots of people have extra patience for learning children's names. I love the combination of Eva and Shalom. Jane Eva Shalom doesn't flow as well. I think Eva is way more interesting than Ava because it isn't as popular.

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    Re: 8 week old baby - name change?

    keep it as eva...very pretty...

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    Re: 8 week old baby - name change?

    I think that if you love the name Eva, you shouldn't change your daughter's name. No matter what, someone will almost always say or spell a child's name wrong or shorten it to something you don't want them to. For instance, a lot of people shorten our daughter's name to Maddie, but once we correct them once or twice, they get the picture and call her Madelaine. It may take a bit of work in the beginning, but eventually everyone will say her name correctly and I think you'll be happy you kept the beautiful name that you love.
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    Re: 8 week old baby - name change?

    I think its fine to change it if you want too, she is so young and if you regret Eva then pick a name you love just as much. Its understandable that you dont want to be constantly correcting the pronounciation. Good luck.

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