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    Re: Alice's Middle Name

    I second Isisrose's Alice Beatrix and Alice Blythe - I think they feel perfect with her other children's names.

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    Re: Alice's Middle Name

    Quote Originally Posted by smp123
    Hello, Berries!

    My friend is looking for a middle name that starts with "B" (family meaning there) to pair with Alice.

    Her style is definitely vintagey and old fashioned.

    Alice Beatrice
    Alice Brier
    Alice Bryony
    Alice Bessie
    Alice Belle/Bella
    Alice Bridget
    Alice Beth/Bethany/Bethan
    Alice Bernice
    Alice Betsy/Betty
    Alice Beverly
    Alice Becca
    Alice Blair
    Alice Bonnie
    Alice Bronwyn
    Alice Bree
    Alice Brenda
    Alice Brianne
    Alice Brielle
    Alice Brisa
    Alice Brynn

    Alice's last name will be Harvey.

    Siblings are Theo (Theodore Charles) and Nell (Helena Mae).

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Alice's Middle Name

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    Re: Alice's Middle Name

    While I love Alice Beatrice Harvey, I don't like the repeated endings.
    Alice Blithe Harvey gets my vote of the ones mentioned but I have to add another one:
    Alice Bloom Harvey.
    Bloom is awesome.
    I also think Alice Bloom is feminine enough to balance out the 'rough' Harvey surname. :)
    Alice Blue Harvey
    Alice Bird Harvey
    Alice Bay Harvey
    Alice Bayou Harvey
    Alice Bastienne Harvey
    Alice Bell/Belle Harvey
    Alice Bethia Harvey
    Alice Bryonia Harvey

    I would avoid two-syllable names with the same rhythm as Alice and Harvey. Brigid and Bella for instance. And names ending in and -ee sound like Harvey. Bryony as an example.

    ^^ Alice is an awesome name all on it's own, a wonderful choice!
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