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    Please Help! Kinsley or Finley?

    I'm currently TTC and have had my boys names picked out for a very long time but I have the worst time with girls names. A lot of them I like but none I really love.

    I was going through the top 1000 baby names for 2009 from the Social Security Administration for ideas and came across Kinsley at #428. It struck me right away and so few things really do I thought I shoudl take a look. According to nameberry is means 'kings meadow' which is kind of cute if not terribly feminine. I also really like Finley on a girl. I think it's super cute.

    So I thought either Kinsley Rose or maaaybe Kinsley Rae would be cute or possibly Finley Rose or Finley Mae but am in need of some opinions because I'm always so undecided. Other suggestions are always welcome as well.

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    Re: Please Help! Kinsley or Finley?

    I much prefer Finley over Kinsley, as Kinsley just looks a bit more on the trendy side. You may also like Ainsley, Halsey, Hadley, or Marley...

    And, I prefer Rose to Rae or Mae as a middle name, but Finley Cate, Finley Pearl, Finley Jane, or Finley Sage would be cute!

    Lemon :-)
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    Re: Please Help! Kinsley or Finley?

    i like
    finey rose &
    finley kate
    all the best x

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    Re: Please Help! Kinsley or Finley?

    I can actually see Kinsley on a girl but Finley is ALL boy to me. So my vote goes to Kinsley.

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    Re: Please Help! Kinsley or Finley?

    Maybe you would like Kinley? I do think Kinsley is cute, but for me Kinley just flows off the tongue better. Though if that's not a problem for you, I think Kinsley is a good choice! It does feel really trendy to me, but I think it's one of the cutest of the trendy names. Oh, I personally don't like this name, but I've seen Linsley (or whatever spelling). Though maybe I shouldn't recommend that because my brother calls me that and I really hate it! Ah, and I love Finley! The only thing is that I also love it on boys and I think the more girls that have it, the less it will be a viable option for boys. But I still think it's good for girls. If it were me, I think I'd choose Finley Rose.
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