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    Re: Mackenzie..Taylor

    Quote Originally Posted by fay
    Pretty much anything that ends in a -y is interpreted as feminine here.
    Does that include names like Henry? It's probably more accurate to say that a "y" ending makes it more likely to sound feminine (but there's still plenty of y-ending names that are more popular or only ranking for boys).

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    Re: Mackenzie..Taylor

    I for the life of me cant explain the current Mackenzie phenomenon. It would be one thing if it had family meaning but most people use it because it is trendy. It has to be my least favorite girls name, even my boyfriend has voiced how much he dislikes the name and that rarely happens. However, I guess it does fit in with the current trends. Ive met Makennas and Makinleys also.
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    Re: Mackenzie..Taylor

    I don't like the fashion of giving girls boyish names like MacKenzie which I think is a great name for a boy!

    I am so over Taylor I cannot for the life of me understand why this name took off and when people spell it as Tayla it makes me feel like screaming. If they liked Taylor why not choose a great girl's name like Tahlia which has a similar sound but is all girl and class.

    I do however like the idea of having a family name as a middle name eg if your maiden name was Smith and your married name Carter then it gives the child the option of using as a surname Smith Carter, Smith or Carter on their own.
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    Re: Mackenzie..Taylor

    Idk, I think its more of a southern thing. Also maybe a presidential name thing as well. Mackenzie, Kennedy, Taylor, Tyler, Clinton, Roosevelt, Lincoln, and Carter are all from American presidents adn names used for baby girls and boys alike. I wonder if we will see some Obamas running around in the future?!?

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