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    Re: Matilda instead of Hilda?

    Quote Originally Posted by rockaline
    Hi, everyone! I have a dear aunt Hilda, whom I love, and I would like to honor her, but it would seem that Hilda may be one of the few old lady names that can't be revived, even from the perspective of nameberries.

    Would Matilda be a good substitute, or is it just too different from Hilda?

    Also, would Matilda be a good name with brother Tobias (Tobey)? Or, is Tobey and Tillie (the nickname we would probably use) too cute by half?

    I like Matilda Rose or Matilda Jane/Sophie other names could be;
    Tabitha Rose
    Tilda nn Tilly
    Adelaide nn Addie Lillie/Lilly/Lily
    Penelope nn Poppy/Penny
    Heidi Rose
    Lydia Jane

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    Re: Matilda instead of Hilda?

    Tobias and Matilda sound brilliant together - what a great way to honour your aunt -, and I don't think the repeating T nicknames would be a problem - they're a little cute when said together, but as they aren't twins I don't think it's that much of a problem. I think that the most important thing is that each name is lovely on its own, provided there aren't any major clashes within the sibling set, and Tobey and Tilly are.

    Good luck! Auburn

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