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    Milan, SiŽnna and ...???

    Who know a nice girls name!???
    Milan is my son, SiŽnna my daughter.

    I'm Dutch and am curious about your ideas!!!

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    Milan is a male name !

    Milan is a male name of south Slavic origin (Serbian (e.g. Milan the King of Serbia (1882‚Äď1889)), Croatian, Slovenian). At the beginning of the 20th century this name started to be used by Czechs and Slovaks (i.e. west Slavic nations who lived together with the above mentioned ones in the Austrian Empire). During the 20th century this name has almost replaced the ancient Miloslav (which has the same meaning) in the Czechlands and Slovakia. Nowadays the name Milan is widespread in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic (more than 2% of men are named Milan) and Slovakia. It has no connection with the Latin name Aemilius etc. (which is Emil in Slavic languages‚Äč‚Äč) or even the Italian city Milan (whose name is derived from its Latin name Mediolanum (which means the town in the middle of plain)). Its only correct female form is Milana (or Milena). It is not only a custom, but it relates with the creation of words in Slavic languages. The female names have the extension 'a' (Milan - Milana, Miloslav - Miloslava, Jan - Jana ‚Ķ). Compare that with the formation of Latin names (Julius - Julia, Gaius - Gaia, Octavius - Octavia, ‚Ķ). The grammar of Slavic languages is complicated and very sensitive to genders, declension and conjugation (and it's performed just by extensions). That in the recent times the name Milan is used too for girls in the US, cannot change this fact (and for Europeans it is not imaginable to name their baby after the city). Please, use only the correct female version for girls, i.e. Milana (and you can pronounce it as you want)! But the correct Slavic pronunciation is Mi-lan (Mi-la-na) with 'i' as 'i' in the word nick and 'a' as 'u' in the word bus, i.e. all syllables shortly.

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    @milans, the original poster said that her SON is called Milan and daughter is Sienna and looking for a new girls name.
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    Milan and Sienna are really nice together, maybe you should carry on the Italy city theme and use Florence? If not, how about:
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    FYI, this thread is three years old.
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