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    First name suggestions for middle names Peter & Louis?

    DH and I really like the not-so-common and easy to spell 1st names. We've decided to honor family on DH's side. Peter is his father and Louis is a male variation of his grandmother's name Louise. LN is Turner.

    So far we have:

    Axel Louis
    Simon Peter (not my favorite; sounds sing-songy)

    Any other 1st name suggestions?

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    Re: First name suggestions for middle names Peter & Louis?

    I would suggest Axel Peter and Simon Louis. Those flow much better.

    We have Andreas Peter picked out for our first son. :) Peter is a family name as well.

    Silas Peter
    Julian Peter
    Leon Peter
    August Peter
    Elias Peter
    Felix Peter
    Anton Louis
    Theo Louis
    Soren Louis
    Henry Louis
    Finn Louis
    Oliver Louis
    *Under Construction*

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    Re: First name suggestions for middle names Peter & Louis?

    I like the suggestion of Simon Louis, just for your information Simon Peter was an apostle I don't know if you knew that already or if it doesn't bother you, just thought I would point it out.

    Some more suggestions

    Abraham Louis
    Brigan Louis
    Gideon Louis
    Heath Louis
    Ivan Louis
    Kieran Louis
    Ruskin Louis
    Roman Louis

    Amos Peter
    Carlow Peter
    Conrad Peter
    Ewan Peter
    Elias Peter
    Ian Peter
    Marek Peter
    Orson Peter

    Hope this Helps!
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