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  • Asher Rhys Wood

    47 33.10%
  • Asher Callum Wood

    18 12.68%
  • Asher Ronan Wood

    13 9.15%
  • Asher Lochlan Wood

    19 13.38%
  • Asher Curran Wood

    4 2.82%
  • Asher Hawk (family name) Wood

    23 16.20%
  • Asher Yeats(favorite poet) Wood

    18 12.68%
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    My husband just put his foot down!

    While I was telling him the names leading in my "middle name for Ezra" name poll he (politely) says..."you know, I really don't want to name our kid Ezra." He's not crazy about Malcolm either (my other favorite name).
    The ONLY name he really likes is Asher. I like it but I'm not in love with it the way I am with Ezra and Malcolm. I'm pretty confidant that he'll go with whatever middle name I choose as long as we call him Asher. He suggested Asher Rhys Wood which I think is perfectly handsome and is on the short list. These are names that I fancy with Asher.

    Which two do you like best? Suggestions are welcomed :)


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    Re: My husband just put his foot down!

    Asher Rhys looks awesome written down, and both names have a similar feel to them which makes it seem like a great combo. My problem with this combo is that the back to back r's run into each other when you say the name out loud (the same is true for the other r names on your list). I also don't think a one syllable middle is ideal given that you have a one syllable last name, so in light of these considerations I voted for Asher Callum Wood. BUT, I think I would actually prefer something even longer in the middle, like Asher Donovan Wood.
    On another note, while Asher is a great name, I think if you don't love it, then you might want to consider looking for more names. The name you choose should be something you both adore. It shouldn't feel like you lost out on using Ezra or Malcolm, but like you found something you love so much that Ezra and Malcolm pale in comparison. By the way, I think Asher is a wonderful name, but I think I might hesitate to use it with your last name because Ash is a type of wood, so if he ends up going by Ash, then Ash Wood sounds kind of funny as a name.
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    Re: My husband just put his foot down!


    I second JLM's thoughts, and love her suggestion of Asher Donovan. I think a longer middle name sounds great! (I think that JLM made a really good point about ash wood...)

    I'm so sorry about Ezra and Malcolm, and hope you can find a name you both love. My favorite of your Asher combos is Asher Lochlan Wood.

    Take care! :-)

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    Re: My husband just put his foot down!

    I picked Asher Lochlan Wood. But what about a double middle? Asher Lochlan Rhys Wood. Or (I really love this:)) Asher Lincoln Wood.

    Scratch that! Lincoln Wood reminds me of Lincoln Logs. And to be honest Asher Wood makes me think of wood ashes. But Asher is a great name!

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    Re: My husband just put his foot down!

    Asher Lochlan for me.
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