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    Theo, Cedric, Calvin? oh my

    Hello. My husband and I are expecting our first child. Since we're keeping the sex a surprise, we're brainstorming names for both boys and girls. (Well, only boys since we are almost postive that our girl name will be Felicity Margaret.)

    Definitely need some opinions on the following names. (Don't want to solicit help from friends or family. Too many opinions.) Our last name is Hand, and I'm just wondering what goes best with Hand.

    Theodor "Theo" (This may be my favorite, but not sure if Theo Hand flows easily. Is it too much "H" sound?)
    Charles (Charlie)
    Robert (Bobby)

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Theo, Cedric, Calvin? oh my

    I love all your names! It's hard for me to pick ultimate favorite.
    I think this is how I like them, from best to the least best:

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    Re: Theo, Cedric, Calvin? oh my

    Hi! Congratulations! I LOVE Felicity Margaret so much! I think it's gorgeous! :-)

    Theodor "Theo" (This may be my favorite, but not sure if Theo Hand flows easily. Is it too much "H" sound?): I love Theodore so much, and I personally don't see any problem with Theodore Hand or Theo Hand.

    Cedric: I think it's a cool name, but when I say Cedric Hand out loud, the second c from Cedric attaches to Hand, and it sounds like Cedrih Canned.

    Calvin: I love Calvin! I think it's such a great name!

    Eric: I like some of the other names more with your last name because of the final C, as with Cedric.

    Charles (Charlie): I love Charles! I love the longer Theodore with your last, name, but I love, love, love the name Charles, nn Charlie.

    Robert (Bobby): I think that Robert is really handsome, but I just love Theodore and Calvin more... :-)

    Jasper: I think it's a great name...

    My personal favorite from your list, both on its own and with your last name, is Theodore. What about Theodore Calvin?

    Some you you may like with your last name: Everett, Elliot (nn Eli or Leo), or Oliver (then again, Oliver Hand sounds a bit like "all over hand" to me). :-)

    Best wishes to you! :-)

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    Re: Theo, Cedric, Calvin? oh my

    Theodor "Theo" (This may be my favorite, but not sure if Theo Hand flows easily. Is it too much "H" sound?)--I love Theodor, such a handsome name. And I prefer the spelling without the e. I dont see a problem with Theo Hand at all.
    Cedric-- I dont love this name but it is nice.
    Calvin-- I love Calvin with the nn Cal. Its lovely.
    Eric- I know so many Erics that are my age, it sounds very 80s to me.
    Charles (Charlie)- Cute but I prefer Calvin and Theodor. They re more original. I know lots of Charlies.
    Robert (Bobby)-I dont like Robert at all. It is kinda dull imo.
    Jasper- Love Jasper, super handsome. Jasper and Calvin would make a lovely sibset.

    My favorites are Theodor, Calvin and Jasper.
    *Under Construction*

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