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    Re: another question!!

    Okay, I'm probably being stupid, but what's the problem with Ari R?
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    Re: another question!!

    Quote Originally Posted by libbybeans
    Great thoughts! But can I name him Ronan Elliot, and call him R.E. ?
    And do you have any middle name suggestions for Ari if we use it? Feedback is helping!
    I think you could use Ronan Elliot and call him R.E. I like it. I'm not that great at middle name suggetions, but for Ari I picture using something traditional in the middle, such as

    Ari Michael (I know a Rory Michael and Ari sounds similar to Rory to me.)
    Ari Daniel (I also know a Rory Daniel)
    Ari James
    Ari Grant
    Ari Samuel
    Ari Patrick
    Ari Joseph
    Ari Stephen

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    Re: another question!!

    Rolan(d) is an alternative to Ronan.

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    Re: another question!!

    You could use R.E. Most people would probably think his name was just Ari if they heard it, which could cause some confusion, but it's not that big of a deal. I know a girl named EB (Elizabeth Beatrice). It was always very cool on her.
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