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    Peter - Looking for Middle Name

    I want to name my son Peter and am looking for a middle name. (Last name sounds like Cole.)

    I love Peter but want something in the middle to make it a little more distinctive; if I go for another common, classic name, there will be so many people who have the exact same combination. Here are my criteria: preferably not another obviously Biblical name or another that ends in r. I think I'm looking for something not only distinctive but also soft/smooth-sounding. Here are some I thought of (and some break my "rules"):

    Peter Nathaniel
    Peter Julian / Peter Julius
    Peter Angelo
    Peter Caspian
    Peter Jonas
    Peter Charles
    Peter Albert

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    Re: Peter - Looking for Middle Name

    I love Peter Nathaniel and Peter Julian from your list. So distinguished and classic, but not too overused. I also really like Peter Caspian if you're looking to go a bit more exotic but still classy.

    How about:
    Peter Miles
    Peter George
    Peter Samuel
    Peter Sebastian
    Peter Lawrence
    Peter Elijah
    Peter Adrian
    Peter Theodore
    Peter Dominic
    Peter Elias
    Peter Isaiah
    Peter Brooks
    Peter Maxwell

    hope that helps!
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    Re: Peter - Looking for Middle Name

    Peter Nathaniel: I think this is so handsome! Nathaniel is a classic name in the Top 100 (it's also Biblical, as is Nathan), so this one doesn't play by your rules. I love it, though!

    Peter Julian / Peter Julius: I love Peter Julian, but like Nathaniel, it may not be what you're looking for because of its popularity. I think it's wonderful, though! To me, Julius is more distinctive than Julian, if that's what you're going for.

    Peter Angelo: I think this is interesting, in a good way...

    Peter Caspian: I think this is very handsome, not to mention distinctive.

    Peter Jonas: I think it's handsome...

    Peter Charles: I love this so much, but Charles is a popular, classic name, so it doesn't meet your criteria for being unpopular. I think a longer middle sounds great with your last name!

    Peter Albert: I like some of the others more, but to me, Albert is distinctive in the middle.

    My favorites with your last name, despite their popularity as first names, are Peter Nathaniel, Peter Julian. :-) I also love the sound of Peter Caspian!

    My all-time favorite Peter combo in the world is Peter Sebastian, the amazing name of Susan's son. :-)

    More you may like (I'm thinking that your last name rhymes with Cole, but doesn't start with a K sound...I apologize if I'm wrong):

    Peter Augustin
    Peter Augustus
    Peter Elias
    Peter Harrison
    Peter Maxfield

    Good luck! :-)

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    Re: Peter - Looking for Middle Name

    Peter is my favorite boy's name. I named my son Peter. I looked through the entire boy's section of a baby name book when I was choosing a middle name to go with Peter. That is how I found the middle name Sebastian. It took me quite a while to find Sebastian because it starts with an "S".
    I also love
    Peter Adrian - love
    Peter Alastair
    Peter Barnaby
    Peter Benjamin - I don't think Benjamin is an obvious biblical name.
    Peter Cameron
    Peter Charles
    Peter Donovan
    Peter Gabriel - but that is the name of a musician.
    Peter Julian
    Peter Lazarus - oops, breaks the no biblical names rule. And Lazarus is an extremely biblical name.
    Peter Leandro
    Peter Lorenzo
    Peter Nathaniel - this is so wonderful
    Peter Oliver - oops, this breaks one of your rules, but I love it anyway!
    Peter Sebastian
    Peter Solomon
    Peter Thaddeus
    Peter Theodore
    Peter Xavier
    Peter William - this is kind of boring, but I love both names.

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