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    Re: Need a Boy Name that Flows with Lucy

    Owen Joseph
    Jack Joseph- Do you mind double letters?
    Peter Joseph
    John Joseph- Again double J
    Ian ? Joseph
    Cole Joseph
    Luke Joseph
    Daniel Joseph
    Louis Joseph
    Patrick Joseph- Patrick has seven letters but if it isn't too much of a problem I think it would be nice :)
    Nathan Joseph
    Tate Joseph
    Oliver Joseph- SO cute with Lucy!
    Jacob Joseph - Again, not sure if you mind the double initials
    Samson or Samuel Joseph
    Rhys Joseph- (Welsh spelling I believe) or Reece/ Reese
    Milo Joseph
    Brian Joseph- So classic!
    Max Joseph- Or Maxwell, still following the 6 letter idea
    Andrew Joseph
    Emmet Joseph
    Quinn Joesph
    Finnian Joseph
    Kyle Joseph
    Charlie Joseph

    Cecilia + Daphne + Ronan + Henry

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    Re: Need a Boy Name that Flows with Lucy

    I really like Oliver with Lucy.

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    Re: Need a Boy Name that Flows with Lucy

    Lucy and Jack seems to be an obvious choice. Simple, and stylish together.
    Lucy and Elliot also work due to slight offbeat style. Oliver also works.

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    Re: Need a Boy Name that Flows with Lucy

    Quote Originally Posted by susan
    Quote Originally Posted by cuzikool
    Lucy and Jack sounds so cute together!!!
    I love Lucy and Jack together!
    Ditto! Here's another vote for Lucy and Jack! (I love the name Lucy, by the way!) :-)

    Take care!

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