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    Re: Moms due December 2010

    First of all, CONGRATS December Mommies!!

    - I know I'm early - but is there a Mom's board for Mom's due in January 2011? My due date is January 20th! :-)

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    Re: Moms due December 2010

    Congratulations to everyone! I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post here or not (I'm the dad!) but our beautiful baby is set to make his/her appearance December 2.

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    Re: Moms due December 2010

    Let's make a group! I'm due January 16th!

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    shizaina Guest

    Re: Moms due December 2010

    Hi there! It seems nobody has posted here for a while. Well I will go ahead and give it a shot...
    I am due December 1st 2010. Anyone else due that day? How are all the December 2010 due date mamas doing?

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    Re: Moms due December 2010

    Well I posted here earlier but I miscarried at 12 weeks. Now I am actually 12 weeks pregnant again (and had a great ultrasound yesterday) and am due April 19.

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    Re: Moms due December 2010

    jlyn- sorry for your loss, but it's very exciting that you are expecting again!! April is not too far away right?

    I'm pregnant w/ twin girls due in December. The official due date is Dec 26th, but I guess twins are considered full term at 37 weeks so that puts me around Dec 5th. So, I usually just tell people 'in December'

    The girls will be #3 and #4 for us. We have two daughters ages 6 and 8.
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