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    Moms due August 2010

    Expecting an August baby? Here's where you can connect with other moms who are too!
    Pam Redmond

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    Re: Moms due August 2010

    I'm due August 14th. Anyone else due in August?

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    Re: Moms due August 2010

    I am! Twin girls, due August 27.

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    Re: Moms due August 2010

    Im close...boy/girl twins due Sep. 8th...
    As of now we like the names:
    FN: Beckett, Gavin, Jacen, Leighton
    MN: Cole, Drew, Eli

    FN: Savannah, Alaina, Hadley, Gabrielle, Mallory
    MN: Grace, Sky, Kylin

    anyone else?

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    Re: Moms due August 2010

    Due August 15th and stressing about our lack of a name decision. Our first went nameless for 6 days and I would like to avoid that this time around, but my husband doesn't seem in any hurry to reach a consensus.

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    Re: Moms due August 2010

    Due August 11th, 2010 -- just around 2 weeks away. We have yet to pick a name for our 2nd daughter. Very concerned that she'll be nameless when she comes home. Or better yet, I'll be tossing my husband out of the delivery room as he won't compromise on naming this little girl. :-)

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    Re: Moms due August 2010

    OMG, isn't that driving you crazy! My husband was the same way up until about two weeks ago. Now he's latched onto the name Arielle which I hate and he refuses to look at other names or compromise. I swear I'm going to have a breakdown. My 1st daughter had a 1st and middle name about 2 months prior to her delivery. Now I'm 2 weeks away with this one and no first or middle name to speak of.

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