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    Re: Your BIG Family!

    You are 23 when you have your first child with your loving husband!
    Your name: Allyson Nathalie Rowland
    His name: Gregory "Greg" Anthony Shields

    You find out the gender as soon as you can, and are ecstatic to see it's a girl! When the day finally comes you give her a classic and elegant first name with an international middle name. She also has a cute nickname that she goes by.
    Girl 1: Josephine "Josie" Alexandra Shields

    1 year later you go for your routine checkup, only to find you are pregnant! And with not one, but two kids! One beautiful day you give birthday to a healthy baby girl and a healthy baby boy.
    They do not have the same initials, but their names are connected by meaning. Their middle names each honor one of your parents.
    Girl 2: Victoria "Vika" Berenice Shields
    Boy 1: Nicodemus "Niko" Sigurd Shields

    3 years later your kids are 4, 3, and 3. You decide you would like one more child, but you are having trouble getting pregnant. You decide to adopt.
    Where do you adopt from?: Ukraine

    You go to the orphanage and meet a sweet little boy. A few weeks later he is back at home with you! Since he was only a month old, he was without a name. You give him a first name that is recognized in your part of the world, but a middle name representing his country.
    Boy 2: Benjamin "Ben" Maksim Shields

    2 years later and your kids are 6, 5, 5, and 2. You love your family and do not feel the need for more kids, but soon you find out you are pregnant again, with a little girl! It is during this pregnancy, sadly, that your husband decides to tell you he is cheating with another woman. He wants a divorce so he can marry her, and you are appaled that this man is the father of your children. He happily gives you full custody of the children, and moves off with his wife. But now you are alone with 4 kids and one on the way, and you are scared. You are involved in a single parents group, and one night you meet Matt, a single dad with 3 kids! You tell him you have 4 with one on the way, due in a few months. At first it is nothing, you just chat at the singles class. But then, a few months later, your lovely baby girl is born!

    You name her a nature name with a classic middle name.
    Girl 3: Lilian "Lily" Elisabeth Shields

    A few days after she is born you are going home with her when you see Matt outside the hospital, and you know that he is a great guy. After a few weeks of dating he lets you meet his children, and you let him meet yours. He has 2 sons and a daughter, ages 3, 5 and 7. What are there names and who is what age?
    Girl 5: Hannah Marie Williams (7)
    Boy 4: Ethan Mario Williams (5)
    Boy 5: Owen Matthew Williams (3)

    Eventually you do get married and move in together with your ten children! But that is not the end! You decide to have a child together, and end up with 3! You have triplet girls! They are identical and you name them anything you want!
    Girl 6: Georgina "Georgie" Molly Williams
    Girl 7: Philippa "Pippa" Meghan Williams
    Girl 8: Frederikka "Frida" Milly Williams

    You have 13 children and 10 bedrooms, how do you share?
    Bedroom 1: Mom & Dad
    Bedroom 2: Hannah
    Bedroom 3: Josie
    Bedroom 4: Vika
    Bedrrom 5: Niko
    Bedroom 6: Ethan
    Bedroom 7: Ben
    Bedroom 8: Owen
    Bedroom 9: Lily
    Bedroom 10: Georgie, Pippa & Frida

    Have fun!

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