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Thread: Single mum

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    Re: Single mum

    My name is Victoria Jane Herondale. My husband Stephen Lucas Herondale died in Afghanistan last month. im 39 he was 42 we have 5 children and twins on the way.
    Our oldest is 17 His name is Alexander Sebastian Herondale
    Next in line is our 13 year old Declan James Herondale
    Next is our 11 year old daughter Anya Elizabeth Herondale
    After her we have our 9 year old son Benjamin Jude Herondale
    Following him is our 7 year old daughter Bridgette Marie Herondale

    I found out the sex of our twins when Stephen was still with us. they are Boy/Girl twins. Their names shall be: Stephen Lucas Herondale Jr. and Melanie Rose Herondale.

    We have 2 dogs:
    Machi (it means "true happiness" in Japanese) she is a Rottweiler
    Raja (Means "King or Royalty" in Indian) he is a Bull Mastiff

    We also have 4 cats:


    (yes I love the lion king)

    So there is my family. It was great to meet you all.

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    Re: Single mum

    My name is Alyssa Janae Smith and I'm 35 years old. I'm a single mum to 12 children.

    When I was 17 I got pregnant by my boyfriend. He left me when he found out I was expecting. Few month later I gave birth to a baby boy.
    Lucas Alisdair Smith (18).

    When I was 20 I got married to my boyfriend of 2 years, Robert Emerson Rowan. We had 8 children together, before he died in a plane crash.
    Jacob Michael Rowan (14)
    Louisa Allyson Rowan
    & Helena Trinity Rowan (13)
    Oliver Jameson Rowan (11)
    Isabel Patricia Rowan
    & Daniel Emerson Rowan (9)
    Gregory Robert Rowan (7)
    Nathalie Eva Rowan (5)

    A year after my husband died I've met my old friend Samuel Davis O'Keefe, he's the father of my 3 youngest children, not legaly though, when I was 5 months along with my last child he decided to return to his wife.
    Victoria Lyric Smith (3)
    Veronica Meadow Smith (19 mo.)
    Vincent Alric Smith (2 weeks)

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    Hi, my name is Charity Jada Walker, aged 39, I am a widowed single mother of 15, I also manage to work around my children's schedules as a fashion designer. Here's my story:

    I was a teenage mum and at the age of 17 I gave birth to my oldest son, Jack William Alexander, he was concieved out of a teenage summer romance when I was just 16, but I couldn't have seen my life without him.

    I didn't have my next child until I was 22, I had recently met the man of my dreams, Frank Andrew Walker, he was a newly trained surgeon where my father was working. We clicked instantly and by the time I was 21, he 24, we were married. We welcomed out first son together, Brendon Owen.

    It didn't take long for us to concieve next, this time with twins. And by the time Brendon was on 13 months old we welcomed our first girls; Harper Bethany & Sarah Paisley into the world.

    We both had liked the idea of adopting and when the girls were 3 we adopted a baby boy from south asia, which we called Henri Bo.

    4 months later we found out we were expecting and we welcomed another set of twins 7 months later, two identical boys called; Beckett Anderson & Merrick Montgomery.

    Our next pregnancy didn't happen for 3 years, but it leveled up when we welcomed the triplets into the world, 2 boys and a girl; Trenton Rory, Thaddeus Damian & Francesca Cherry.

    20 months later we heard that Henri's mum had just given birth again, but couldn't care for the baby, but also wanted someone she could trust to raise it, so we were called and we just couldn't turn it down. 3 months later, Lola Hina was welcomed into our family with open arms.

    We now had 11 kids, and we really thought we were done, but apparently nature disagreed and 2 years after adopting Lola we were expecting twins, again! Marley Giovanna & Michael Giuseppe.

    We got incredibly upsetting news a year later when Frank was diagnosed with cancer. He was only 38! The doctors told us that they could catch it in time, but just 2 years later I was burying my husband, whilst pregnant with his sons! I welcomed Jeffery Frank & Jeremy Andrew just 3 months later, alone.

    So that's it and here I am with my children:
    Jack William Alexander [22]
    Brendon Owen [17]
    Harper Bethany [16]
    Sarah Paisley [16]
    Henri Bo [13]
    Beckett Anderson [12]
    Merrick "Ricky" Montgomery [12]
    Trenton "Trent" Rory [9]
    Thaddeus "Thad" Damian [9]
    Francesca "Franny" Cherry [9]
    Lola Hina [7]
    Marley Giovanna [6]
    Michael "Mikey" Giuseppe [6]
    Jeffery "Jeff" Frank [3]
    Jeremy Andrew [3]
    Not a mummy just yet. Planning out our baby names for the future 😍

    Girl: Alba, Luna, Paisley, Macey, Royelle, Harper, Emersyn
    Boy: Dillon, Isaac, Beckett, Myles, Theodore, Maverick, Jaxon

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    My name is Amelia Marie Simpson. I am 42 years old. My husband, Adam Ross Simpson, sadly died at the age of 40, 3 years ago. He sadly died of brain cancer. We knew that he had a limited amount of time left before he left our Earth, so after many hours of thinking we decided that we were going to freeze his sperm since we were pregnant with our first two babies together and I knew I was going to want more. Our dream family was with 12 kids.

    Our first set of twins were both girls. I decided to name them Ada Marie and Mia Ross. (Ada is a feminine version of Adam and Mia is a nickname of my name/Marie is my middle name and Ross is Adam's middle name)
    He didn't get to see them being born, but upon my request, they allowed Ada to go see him in his hospital room and he got to see a picture of Mia. Mia was born weighing only 4 pounds 2 ounces so she was admitted into the NICU. Because Mia wasn't fully developed her brain was problematic. Mia was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 2 months old. Adam then died 4 days after Ada and Mia's birth.

    When Mia and Ada turned 1 I wanted to have another baby. I got pregnant instantly, but at a routine check-up I found out that I was pregnant with quadruplets. When they were born on May 22, only three babies were alive. It was then said that the last baby, a boy, had died. The other three were two girls and one boy. I decide to name all of the babies instead of leaving the last one out. Their names are Leah Elyzabeth, Isla Abygale, Nicholas Ryder "Nick", and Joseph Kyler. Adam happily met Joseph before me and now I know that they are not alone.

    After Leah, Isla, Nick, and Joseph turned 3, Nick was begging for a boy to play with so instead of taking a risk with the sperms I adopted a 2 year old boy from Africa. His mother put him up for adoption after having her other 7 children and knowing that she couldn't support them all in such poverty. She thought that since he was the youngest he would have the least attachment from her and the others. After 7 months of waiting, he came home to us in California. I named him Cartier Mason. (pn. like Carter)

    I then longed for more. Surprisingly I got pregnant with another girl and I named her Makaila Nicole "Kailee".

    When Kailee turned 2, I wanted to adopt twins from China. I found a family who were pregnant with their second and third babies a boy and a girl. They wanted to keep the but them but the privileges of having only one child was apparently better than having three. While waiting I got pregnant again with a boy. He came just before the twins. I named him Jackson Hunter. Jackson was born August 3rd. The twins, a boy and a girl. I named them Lian Nevaeh and Kai Nolan.

    Lastly, to fulfill our dreams of 12 (13 total) kids I used the last sperm saved of Adam's and got pregnant with twin girls again!! They came one year after Lian, Kai, and Jackson. I named them Mckinley Alaina and Arya Mckale. (pn. Uh-Rye-Uh)

    Our Complete Family
    Adam Ross (43)
    Amelia Marie (42)
    Ada Marie and Mia Ross (8)
    Leah Elyzabeth, Isla Abygale, Nicholas Ryder "Nick", Joseph Kyler (7)
    Cartier Mason (4)
    Makaila Nicole (3)
    Jackson Hunter (1)
    Lian Nevaeh and Kai Nolan (1)
    Mckinley Alaina "Kinley" and Arya Mckale (NB)

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    I'm Maura Elizabeth, 28, and I adopted alone.
    My first adoption took place at age 20. I was already financially stable, and my teenage sister was pregnant... with triplets.
    There was a girl and two boys:
    River Ike Owen: Rio
    Oliver Callum Mitchell: Ollie
    & Pearl Ella Adelina: Sweet Pea

    As soon as the triplets learned to talk, Pearl started begging for a sister. I originally resisted, having my hands full already, but after entertaining the idea for a few weeks, I really wanted to. I adopted the sweetest little african girl, Gwendolen Ekaete.
    I was now 23 with four kids, but I still managed to volunteer at the soup kitchen almost every week. While working at the soup kitchen, I met Rhoda. She was pregnant with a set of twins, but she didn't have the means to take care of them. We arranged an open adoption, and six months later, Nora Rhoda and Freddy Paul were born.
    My life was crazy. I was 24 with three four year olds, a one year old, and two newborns.
    However, I got a call from a distant relative. He had a newborn daughter, and his girlfriend had run off with some other guy. He decided to give the baby up, but he didn't want to give her to someone he didn't trust. Penny Laura showed up a week later.
    At this point, I decided no more. I had Rio, Ollie, Pearl, Gwen, Nora, Freddy, and Penny to take care of and no one to help.
    My next door neighbor, Tanya, noticed how overloaded I was becoming, and she became a big help. Her ten year old daughter, Astrid, loved to play with the triplets, and her one year old, Nova, was the perfect age to play with Gwen.
    A year later, Tanya died in a cliff diving accident. She had left me Astrid and Nova.
    Now, I'm 28, with nine kids, and I'm adopting a little boy from Sierra Leone. His name will be Henry Giorgio.
    Astrid: 14
    Rio, Ollie, & Pearl: 8
    Gwen & Nova: 6
    Nora, Freddy, & Penny: 5
    Henry Giorgio: newborn
    Vote on my list:

    My lovely kitties: Milo the girl and Piper the boy

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