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Thread: Single mum

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    Re: Single mum

    Hi i am Emily Scarlett
    i became a single mom when i was 17. my boyfriend left me during the pregnancy. i ended up having twin boys named Oliver Leonerd and Liam Hudson.
    when i graduated from collage my younger sister became pregnant. she couldnt keep the baby so i decided to adopt her. i named her after her mother. Her name is Avery Elaine.
    when i was 27 i married a man who was in the army. we had 2 kids together. Alexandria Mae and Hunter Lee. he died 4 years ago in iraq. after he died i decide to adopt triplets from nigeria. their names are Alala Ronda, Bamadelle Maddex, and tiny little Nimdilim Edgar. all of their names mean something like forever mine, or blessed. their middle names all mean good fortune
    about a 2 years ago my friend invited me to china with her and of course i fell in love with the sweetest little girl. i came back to china several times and last time i went i came back with my lovley daughter Summer Xanthe.
    i am now 33 and have the perfect family of Oliver and Liam who are 16, Avery who is 9, lexie who is 7, hunter who is 5, Ala Maddex and Nim who are 4, and Summer who is 2.

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    Re: Single mum

    Hi I'm Lucy Marie Claussen. I'm 43 and widowed, but I have six beautiful children. I am a very wealthy author so I have the money to support them all. I got married to my late husband, Daniel, when I was 20 and he was 22. We were both very young but we were soul mates. He found out he had cancer just after our second wedding anniversary and was given one year tops, but miraculously lived for five.

    After Daniel died I swore I would never get married again. I used the very large estate he left me to buy a nice house like the one he always wanted and to publish my first book. Then when I was 30 I wanted a child so I adopted a 3-month-old little girl. Her name is Esme Danielle Claussen and she is now 13. I waited until Esme was 4 and in pre-K before adopting again, a 6-month-old baby boy from Haiti whom I named Archer Nathaniel Claussen, he is now 9. After waiting another 3 years Esme started to beg me for a little sister so I adopted again, a 1 year old baby girl. They were having trouble adopting her because she was deaf. Esme, Archie and I all learned sign language and after another 8 months we brought Delia Maureen home. Delia is now 6 and had cochlear implant surgery 6 months ago, she is making leaps and bounds in progress with her speech. Not long after we brought Delia home my sister in law found out she had brain cancer and had been given 6 months to live. She was a single mother as well and had asked me to be her newborn son's legal guardian. Following her brother's example she lived another two years before she passed away and I adopted her son, my nephew. She named him Daniel Alexander, and he is now 4. Finally two years ago I decided I wanted to be pregnant once in my life and used a sperm bank with guaranteed high I.Q., et c. to have my twins. Identical twin sisters Matilda Louise and Arabella LaRue are now 2 years old.

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    Re: Single mum

    my is name is Autumn Holler and I have always wanted children I'm now 36 I have had 3 children by way of sperms donors

    1. Avery Skye-11
    2.Brittany Elizabeth-8
    3.Charlie Davis-6

    and I have adopetd 2 from a local childrens home

    4.Diana Kay- 4
    5. Emily Anne-2

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    Re: Single mum

    My Name is Nicole Alice Lavigne. I work as a Obsteric Nurse. I was married once, to my husband of 4 years and then he passed away from a car accident and i also lost one of my 4 children. My little boy Rhyan was only 2 and a half when he passed with his father 2 years ago. My husband Aaron Jonathon Lavigne was only 32 years old, and a great loving father and husband. I now have 3 other beautiful amazing little children. I have 2 sons and 1 daughter, They are; Gavin Jonathon - he is 5 years old, Lucca River - he is 3 and a half, And my little girl Zavier Grace Marie - she is 2 years old (she was newborn when her father and brother passed). Each of my children have their own unique and funny personalities, And i love them all <3

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    Re: Single mum

    My name is Jillian Elizabeth Winterbourne-Danvers and I am 37 years old. I am the widow of Jeremy Malcolm Danvers, who died in a car accident at the age of 40. Together we have six beautiful children.

    1. Gender: male
    Name: Logan Nicholas Danvers (twin)
    Age: 17

    2. Gender: female
    Name: Ruby Juliette Danvers (twin)
    Age: 17

    3. Gender: male
    Name: Evander Blake Danvers
    Age: 15

    4. Gender: girl
    Name: Sophie Charlotte Danvers
    Age: 12

    5. Gender: male
    Name: Gratian Pierce Danvers
    Age: 8

    6. Gender: male
    Name: Declan Chase Danvers
    Age: 5

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