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    I'm Chelsea Marie and my husband is Clayton Thomas Parks. A few years ago, we welcomed twin boys who are now five years old now.

    Ezra Michael Thomas; Ezra was just a name we loved, Michael is after Clay's dad and Thomas after him.

    Drake Eric Marcus; again, Drake was just a favorite. Eric after my father and Marcus after me similarly.

    We just found out that we're expecting quintuplets soon. Four girls, one boy.

    Kara Jennifer Mackenzie; Jennifer after his mother, Mackenzie after my sister.

    Xena Maxine Rachelle; Maxine after my long time friends, Rachelle after my mother Rachel.

    Mary Jane Rose; Jane and Rose after both my grandmothers.

    Aria Corrine Jaymie; Corrine and Jaymie after his brothers, Corey and Jake.

    Reid August Ash; purely favorable names.

    Chelsea and Clay with Ezra, Drake, Kara, Xena, MJ, Aria, and Reid.

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