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    You Have Multiples! Tell us your Story!

    Okay, so in this game you have multiples! You can do as many stories as you like, but you need a different set for each story. Basically just say who you are, what you're having, how many of each gender you are having and why and how you chose their names! If you prefer you can have just one child, but multiples are fun!

    My Story:

    Hi, I am Eliza Jane Thymes, married to Edward John Thymes! We are expecting... triplets! They are all girls and we plan on naming them fun, whimsical, hippy, and yes, a bit odd names! They will be...
    Sunflower Delilah Plum "Sunny"
    Marigold Violetta Dream "Goldie"
    Primrose Camillia Snow "Rosie"

    We are very into the environent and thought their names should reflect that! Their middle names we wanted a bit more solid but still fun! The second middle names were all short, simple and sweet, but they add a lot! And the nicknames are just darling!

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    Hello, my name is Athena Delilah Parker and my husband is Samuel Jason Parker.

    We had 2 children already, 2 girls.

    Girl 1: Age 8. Adela Frances Parker
    Girl 2: Age 6. Georgia Violet Parker

    We just had quads! We named them after each of their grandparents.

    Boy 1: Gus Oliver Parker
    Boy 2: Henry Luca Parker
    Girl 3: Susannah Elizabetta Parker "Sosie"
    Girl 4: Lillian Juliet Parker

    So we have Adela, Georgia, Gus, Henry, Sosie & Lillian!

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    Hello, my name is Sawyer and my husbands name is Logan. We have a set of identical twin boys already who are 4 and we just welcomed our Quints, three girls and two boys! We decided to give our kids uncommon first names with classic middle names.
    Twins Age 4
    Ryder Joseph
    Jagger Michael
    Kinsley Brooke (baby a)
    Eden Harper (baby b)
    Payton Elizabeth (baby c)
    Grayer Scott (baby d)
    Asher Ross (baby e)
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    Wow thats a lot of children!! I can't imagine having many multiples like that! Although I'd love to have twins!
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