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    Re: You Have Multiples! Tell us your Story!

    Hi, my name is Anastasia "Annie" Gwendolyn Bell and I am 23 years old. I have been with my now husband James Trevor Bell for four years, since the summer we graduated high school.
    After another year, we decide we are stable enough to start having children. We both know their are major risks for multiples in our family; my mom was a triplet and his dad was a twin, but we decide to try anyway.
    Well, fate intervened and we got extremely lucky, only one baby girl! We decide to name her for my mother and his grandmother.
    Her name is: Mira June Bell.
    When Mira is two, we decide to start trying. The thing we knew would happen eventually happened this time. I got pregnant with quads, two identical boys and two identical girls. Mira was ready for A baby, not four, but she warmed up when we let her help pick names out.
    Soon enough, the quads were born.
    Their names are: Nolan James Bell, Chase Christopher Bell, Lila Ruby Bell, and Daisy Jade Bell.
    Having five kids under the age of three was difficult, but when Mira is 8 and the quads are 6, I am finally ready to have my last baby. Unfortunately, it seems that we have trouble this time, so we do IFV in desperation. It takes three more years, but we are blessed 6 times over!! Yes, sextuplets!
    Their names are: Aaron David Bell, Briella Sadie Bell, Cecilia "Leah" Noelle Bell, Dylan Alexander Bell, Evan Nicholas Bell, and Fiona "Fifi" Marie Bell.
    Finally, after a family vacation to Italy 6 years later, I fall in love with triplet orphans. Two boys and one girl, they were orphaned when their mother died in birth and there was no father in the picture to begin with.
    Their names are: Damon Enzo Bell, Adrian Orlando Bell, and Giavanna "Gia" Elena Bell
    Now, here are the kids!:
    Mira -17
    Nolan -15
    Chase -15
    Lila -15
    Daisy -15
    Aaron -6
    Briella -6
    Leah -6
    Dylan -6
    Evan -6
    Fiona -6
    Damon -1
    Adrian -1
    Gia -1
    With Mira starting her last year of high school in the fall, Nolan, Chase, Lila, and Daisy beginning their sophmore year and they will be driving in a few months, Aaron, Briella, Leah, Dylan, Evan, and Fiona starting kindergarten in my class, and the babies beginning to walk and talk, I couldn't imagine my life any differently.
    (Boy, if this was true, my life would be 1000000x different.....)
    My babies - Gabriel Evan, Lila Ruby, Mia Jade, Nolan Jude, Tessa Violet, and Luke Peter.
    Favs - Madeline, Cara, Piper, Eden, Chloe, Francesca, James, Nathaniel, Dominic, Theodore, Aaron, and Noah.

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    Re: You Have Multiples! Tell us your Story!

    Hi, my name is Felicia Marie Fisher and I'm married to Jacob Michael Fisher. After being married for two years, we decided to try to have children.

    In my first pregnancy, we learn that we're having twins. We had grown close in high school because of Glee and decided to name the twins, one a boy and the other a girl, after two of the schools on Glee. Their first names would be based on the schools and the middle name would be after family members.

    On June 26, our twins were born. They were named Dalton Kenneth, after Dalton Academy for Boys and Jacob's grandfather, and McKinley Elaine, after William McKinley High School and my great-great grandmother.

    Dalton Kenneth Fisher
    McKinley Elaine Fisher

    Three years later, we decided to expand our family. In my second pregnancy, we learn that I'm having another set of twins, another boy and girl. We decided to keep with the Glee theme so no one ended up left out.

    On October 12, our second set of twins were born. Our twins were named Mercedes Wren, after Mercedes Jones, and Samuel Paul, after Sam Evans.

    Mercedes Wren Fisher
    Samuel Paul Fisher

    Another two years go by, and we decide to start trying again. we learn that I'm pregnant again, this time with triplets, two boys and a girl.

    On February 15, the triplets were born. The triplets were named Noah Layne, after Noah Puckerman, Blaine Everett, after Blaine Anderson, and Santana Raven, after Santana Lopez.

    Noah Layne Fisher
    Blaine Everett Fisher
    Santana Raven Fisher

    Four years later, we learn I'm pregnant again, this time with twins, both boys. We named them Jeffery Sterling, after Jeff Sterling, and Nicholas Montgomery, after Nick Duval and Wes Montgomery.

    Jeffery Sterling Fisher
    Nicholas Montgomery Fisher

    Three years later, I'm pregnant again. This time it's with triplets, all girls. We named them April Louise, after April Rhoades, Holly Nicole, after Holly Holliday, and Stacy Ann, after Stacy Evans.

    April Louise Fisher
    Holly Nicole Fisher
    Stacy Ann Fisher

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    Hi I'm Emmeline Jane Curie and I am married to Brooks Scott Curie. We have 7 kids together (triplets and 2 sets of twins!) Firts we had twins (both boys) then the triplets (2 girls 1 boy) and twins again(1 girl and one boy)!

    Our first twins (14) we named Rhys Mitchell and Leon Jameson (Mitchell is after my father and Jameson is after Brooks' father)
    they are very close and do everything together. They love playing basketball and soccer!

    the triplets (10) are named Adele Ivy, Delilah Alexis and Henry Owen. all of their middle names are after close friends. The girls are exact opposites! Adele is very girly and loves to dress up while Delilah is a tom-boy and likes to play outside. Henry and Delilah play together all the time.

    The last twins (5) are named Serephina Melody and Beckett Quinn. their middle names are after our mothers. Serephina lives to play with Adele and Beck is a little book worm and mommies boy!

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    Hi, my name is Anastasia Natalia Potter and I am married to Peter Alec Potter. We have been married for 25 years and have a total of 15 children! We always knew we wanted to have a big family, but when we tried to conceive naturally, nothing happened. So, we turned to invitro fertilization. Each time we only inserted 3 eggs, but still ended up with 15 kids!

    The oldest are Issac Ryan and Marie Natalia. They are 23 years old and attending the same college together. They were amazing babies and got more amazing as they grew older. Issac became his high school's quarterback and their point guard for football and basketball respectively. Marie was a cheerleader and a volleyball player. She was crowned homecoming queen. Marie got married a year a go to Dominic Allen Paisley and is starting her own family now. She has a little baby boy she named Henry Peter, nicknamed Harry. Issac has a steady girlfriend, Isabella, but isn't looking to settle down anytime soon.

    Then, we had triplet girls named Chloe Sarah, Eden Olivia, and Piper Amelia. They are now 19 years old and were all on the soccer team. Chloe and Piper are both at Harvard University. Chloe is studying to be orthopedic surgeon and Piper is studying to be a pediatrician. Eden is at a local college and is studying to be a physical therapist. All three girls are extremely kind, humorous, and good-willed. Eden could be a bit of a diva, but she mostly channels it into her writing of plays.

    Tessa Rosalia, Madeline Violetta, James Peter, and Matthew Daniel are our 14 year old quads. Tess and Maddie are identical while the boys are not. James is another basketball player and cannot wait to join the high school team when he starts next year. Matt is a little shy, prefering to draw and write than play sports. He is the sweetest boy I know and can find beauty in anyone he meets. The girls are extremely girly, loving makeup, clothes, and magazines. They do not like to play any sports, but they do dance at a professional studio where they are on the competition team. They are both National title holders for dancing.

    Lilliana Josephina and Francesca Carolina are 8 years old and are total opposites. Lily likes to dance like her big sisters and is also on their competiton team while Cesca is more introverted than that. Cesca rathers to stay home and read a good book. She also plays basketball, and has a lot of team spirit but doesn't really get a lot of playing time.

    Aaron Joseph, Alexander Ethan, Allegra Graciella, and Anthony Theodore are the babies, but hate being called that because "we're thwee years old mommy! we not babies!". They are a whirlwind of hyperness, and they are forbidden from eating chocolate. Allie is a losse cannon. One minute could be happily playing and the other she could be screaming and crying and nothing can make her stop. The boys are more calm than that, but still have their moments.

    25 years with 15 kids, and we couldn't be happier with our kiddies; Issac, Marie, Chloe, Eden, Piper, Tess, Maddie, James, Matt, Lily, Cesca, Aaron, Alex, Allie, and Anthony<3
    just a name nerd with lots of plans.
    Childhood cancer has names too. Never forget Ronan, Talia, Ty, and all the other children suffering

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